Mind if I join you?

If you have two pets of the same species, you'll often see them doing things in tandem. I'm not sure if it's because their priorities happen to coincide, or because one of them sees the other doing something and is inspired to join in. "That's a nice idea. Mind if I join you?" Whichever it is, it makes for touching scenes that must be captured on camera.

Charlie (left) and Louie are a band of Burmese brothers.

Griff and Yoda don't usually get on as well as this.

One couch potato, two couch potatoes. In a tangle of Whippet legs, Flynn and Ben manage to squint for the camera.

Here are Shelby and Misty on their first day in a new home - where they're still going strong.

Pillows not needed: Apple and Zeus own the corner.

These steps are taken: Lenore and Phelia.

Branch managers: Birmans Bronte (rear) and Basil.

Barney the black Lab and Ruby Tuesday the Pug are best friends.

Next: Jilly and Twink.

Ziggie and Rosie finish off the casserole.

Yin and Yang: Parker (left) and Frodo.

Yinner and Yanger: Siblings Theo and Lily.

Room for two: Meer and Turbo (left), and Baxter and Bert.

Sandy and Bear constitute a mound of tortoiseshell beauty.

Meet Burmese girls Rogue and Whiski (left); Toby and Joshie (right) find a sleepy hollow amid a pile of ironing.

Here comes the grooming: Four Legs Good regulars Alfie and Sammy cuddle up. Alfie is the mentor so Sammy must be his, uh, mentee.

Hush little baby, give me more room... Wells and Pag (pronounced Padge) usually share well.

After all this cat-on-cat tenderness, how about a touch of tension? Mouse and Blue are wary at feeding time.

More regulars: I never get tired of the smiling faces of Stellar and Harlem.

A little chinwag beween Merlin and Harley.

Another Merlin, this time with his new young friend Morgan. Owner David remembers the day he picked up Morgan: "We stopped to get sandwiches for lunch afterwards and he ate most of them. I think the dealer knew he was being sold so didn't feed him. A long bath when we got home as he was filthy too, fur burnt from being too close to a heater. But a softer dog I have never seen."

That looks fun, mind if I play? Lexi backs Amber up.

Ruku the 12-week-old pup looks up to her new friend Aimee.

Don't panic, this photo's from last Christmas, when Mississippi and Hudson caught some of the seasonal excitement. And this is my way of inviting your Christmas-themed pet photos - start sending them now.

Edie (left) and Pip looked superb in their homemade winter coats. But nothing about a dog lasts forever (apart from its owner's love). Pip chewed Edie's coat off her back and it became a tug-of-war toy en route to being shredded. Pip's own coat survived but is more snug nowadays.

Legs up, chins down: Brin and Tyler.

Thor and Loki keep each other company on the couch back - always a favourite cat haunt.

Florence and Audrey look as though they're dealing with a bit of surprising but not urgent news.

Finally, more cat faces to sweeten your day: the poetically named Skye and Storm.

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