What's the spirit of the dog?

19:00, Nov 22 2012

I couldn't easily sum up the spirit of the dog, and it'd be hard to capture it in one photo. So much goes into that spirit - devotion, tenacity, joy, dopiness, strength and more. But here's an attempt in 24 photos to record a bit of the spirit of the domestic dog.

Does it come close? Let me know. And if you leave a comment, you'll be in the draw to win a copy of The Spirit of the Dog, a stunning new book exploring the history of the dog and its special place in human hearts (thanks to New Holland).

Playfulness: a ball, a yard, and a sunny day are Brodie's reasons to be happy.

Eagerness: Neo is ready to play whatever you want to play.


Dignity: Ludo, in his wedding outfit, gives a confident stare. Perhaps he does not quite realise the extent of our view.

Spring: Digby levitates.

Alertness: Mila guards her master's front door and gumboots.

Stoic spirit: Mr Poppy dresses up for the cold.

Pride: Archie makes sure he looks perfect for the camera.

Sleep of the innocent: tiny Kelpie pup Scout runs out of puff.

Sleep of the tuckered out: Betty Boo gives it 100 per cent.

Duty: Miss Piggy feeds her new family.

Quiet: Chloe checks out, just for a while.

Sweet-naturedness: Molly and Kita are adorable, and both seem to be thinking about food.

Insight: the penetrating Dachshund gaze of Mithu. He sees right into you...

Patience: not, perhaps, a true canine virtue, but Marlee seems to be showing it.

Determination: Ridgeback pup Tui makes her entrance. But it's not such a good fit these days.

Readiness to please: Arlo is a dream to train, I'm told - he's learning how to shut the door, which is a holy grail for any dog owner.

Loyalty: Odin sticks with his favourite toy.

Modesty: Eddie is master of the table.

Chase: Clio goes for the ball.

Catch: Teef claims the frisbee.

Return: Ollie brings it back.

Magnificence: Teddy, Tui and Scally Wag wonder who invited you.

Joy: The beauty of a dog's spirit shows on the face - Amber, Lexi and Shadow.

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The Spirit of the Dog, by Tamsin Pickeral and Astrid Harrisson, is published by Quintessence and is on sale at $59.99.