Cats and their bags

19:15, Nov 29 2012

Bags are made for cats. Not always initially, but eventually, any bag can become hideout, playground or bedroom for any cat. And once a cat has taken up residence in a bag, it's perfectly positioned to look back at you, quizzically.

Marley has self-bagged and is at the quizzical stage.

Fergus's hideaway has the added attraction of deli smells.

Bag or bed? Flash chooses bag.


Cloaked in brown paper: Felix (left) and Frieda.

Piri goes for the boutique look.

Scarcely is the shopping unpacked than Oli claims the space.

Pav Blanc would like to show solidarity for the work of the City Mission, but will leave the bag clear for the actual collection day.

Someone's been antiquing and picked up Mango the cat among the bargains.

These reusable, environmentally sound shopping bags have been a boon for felines everywhere, including Koka.

Kona's all aboard and looks to be waiting for the bag to commence motion.

Extreme quizzicality from Major.

Angie gives you a hint: "There's room for me."

The biggest reticule in today's collection is this sleeping bag, totally taken over by Toby and Percy.

Coby tucks himself in to mum's knitting bag. Luckily, there's no actual knitting in it.

Leila the Scottish Fold is ensconced.

Cleo wears the bag as a portable roof.

Packed and saved: Deja and Voodoo.

Another bag, another Cleo, who'd like to be left alone, thanks.

This is Gerrard, named for the footballer Steven Gerrard. Did puss show footie skills as a kitten, hence the name?

Charlie fills out a backpack.

The face and tail of Junior.

Darwin would like to move in, but Meg has squatter's rights.

Even plastic can be comfortable: Hugos is happy.

If it's on the floor, get into it - Annie follows that great feline impulse.

Talk about product placement - Shelby knows how to do it.

Funny how it's puppies that advertise toilet paper, when everyone knows that cats are much more creative exponents of the product. Here, Maggie May hunts for a roll of the wonderful stuff.

If anyone could trump the loo-paper Labradors, it's Russell and Ken.

And now, bags as accessories. This is Hollie, with an unintended but fetching cloak.

Finally, the bag, the style, the face: Poppy has it all.

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