Ornaments with four legs

I've done it, everyone seems to do it. Dress up your pet in elf garb, or put a Santa hat on its head, and snap a picture before the pet flicks the hat off or gnaws the reindeer antlers to tatters.

Alternatively, capture that moment when puss scales the Christmas tree from inside.

So yes, they're cliches, those Christmas pet poses. But it's only once a year, you can't deny they're cute, and one never quite gets tired of them.

Our cover-dog is Jess, in her seasonal finery and her all-over Santa beard.

Not so easy to dress up a cat, I'll wager. So here's the rare sight of a feline Santa - named Lilly.

It's hard to avoid a bit of photographic "pet-eye" at the best of times. Combine it with tinsel and red felt, and the result is slightly Hammer Horror. But there's nothing scary about the late Patsy, who posed peacefully while the humans had their fun.

Here's Santa Digby (perfect beard) and elfin Dora...

...and the same pair making use of mistletoe.

A wearily festive pair: Ferb (left) puts up with decoration while Bouncer hits the bottle.

Ah, those reindeer antlers - someone made a mint out of the idea. Here they are modelled by Missy, who seconds later tore them off and reduced them to shreds, perhaps in an act of vengeance on behalf of all of her species who have had to wear them.

Reader Jayne sent this photo of her cat balanced in the tree; it's impressive, but I wonder how many Christmas trees have been felled by curious cats?

In among the ornaments: Chloe (left) and Sharkie.

Odin finds a hiding place. Cats, eh.

Fox seems to be saying "Where's mine, then?"

Panda joins the present display.

Osiris nests in the tinsel.

I could be mistaken, but this scene looks like the aftermath of the big day's gifts session, with boxes and bags stacked neatly in a corner. A good place for Wells and Pag to explore.

Andy thinks the mat and the shelter are all for him.

Tinsel is just shiny bedding for Carter (left) and Maggie.

Here's Boost in a shot that would make a fine Christmas card.

Jessie's a good sport, allowing herself to be bedecked. RIP Jessie.

Two more good sports, Kaylee and Piglet cooperating stoically in the interests of producing a great photo.

Finally, the stress of the season is all too much for Memphis. Time for a rest.

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