A cat's right to colonise

19:45, Jan 10 2013

Welcome to the first Furry Friday of 2013 - which contains a small but important lesson on the matter of property rights. Here is the lesson: you know your home? The one you own or rent? Well, you don't own that. Your cat does.

Cats, you see, come with an inbuilt right and requirement to colonise and occupy. All parts of "your" home, and places and objects therein situated, are there for the cat's convenience and pleasure.

Take cover-cat Billy, for instance. The china cupboard in his home is also a feline display venue, and an effective one.

The top of the fridge - a haven for not-yet-recycled items. Plus Pip.


Jax takes a cool break.

Gracie colonises that useful, warm and well padded cat-platform.

Coco takes up the Miss Daisy position.

Tilly ensures that the No Circulars instruction is complied with.

Ron loves this flash new bowl - and who would deny him his squatter's rights?

Phelia just squeezes into that well placed, sun-warmed bowl.

Ronda's occupying the crock pot. "What, you're not going to turn it on, are you?"

Buckets and baskets always trigger the cat's colonising urge. This pretty bucketeer is named Izzy.

Ginge finds that the washing basket is a better fit for a big guy like him.

Baz is pleased to find that his basket is already furnished.

If cats weren't meant to go in sinks, then why do they fit so well and look so good? Answer me that. (This sink-dweller is named Pepper.)

A similar question applies here, though the aesthetic argument is less compelling. The tail belongs to the gracefully named Florentine.

Does it go without saying that all and any boxes in your home are potential targets for cat occupation? No it doesn't, because I never get tired of cats in boxes. Here are Possum (RIP) in the bleach box and Bowie absorbing some banana karma.

Corrie plumply fills out a shoebox.

Paddy, being a size zero, rocks an 18-can soda box with room to spare.

Yogi has a sunroof.

Would you like cream or Coby to go with that today?

Finally, one of the best places a cat can occupy - the desirable side of any door, especially if a couple of annoying dogs are on the undesirable side. Smudge, Jessie and Chloe are involved in this particular border dispute.

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