The spark of life in their eyes

20:55, Jan 17 2013

One of the best bits of advice I've had in taking good photos of my pets is to plan and wait for the "light in the eye". It's that moment when the sun or the light through a window catches in the pet's eye, reflecting and transmitting like the spark of life.

As in the limpid eyes of Toskin, our cover-cat. Beautiful picture, Bridget.

Another clear-eyed, soulful moment: Pip.

A familiar moment for any dog owner: the instant when your dog hears you saying the word "walk...". Hence the hopeful, grateful gleam in Noodle's eyes. (My dogs know the word "walk", both the sound and the look. As soon as I start making the "w" shape with my lips, their ears go forward and their heads swivel with concentration.)


Rocky has your full attention.

This is Hugo.

Zeke was a handsome tribute to the work of the German Shepherd Rescue Trust. Is that his dinner he spies? Sadly, RIP Zeke.

Dahab does his best to look inscrutable - or is he just sleepy?

Another pair of rockpool eyes: Charlie's.

Skye is a much loved tortie-tabby cross.

That gleam is the endless optimism of a Border Collie coming through. This is Caitlin, who, sadly for reader Brent, had to be left in Australia when he returned from there to New Zealand a few years ago. But Caitlin's new carers already knew her and what a special dog she was.

A naughty glance from Indy the Egyptian Mau.

Saucer-eyed Goblin.

Baxter focuses.

Meet the late, greatly loved Lilli. Reader Ellie wanted to bring Lilli with her from Britain but thought the journey would be too much. So she left her with a nephew, to spend the last year of her life in comfort in Wales. RIP Lilli.

Copter's special story has been told on Four Legs Good. It's about time we featured him again...

Sydney, just a soft tongue's distance away.

The magnificence of Maximus, known as Max on less formal occasions.

Mr Bungle's almond expression.

Just the minimum of tongue from Boxer Zeus.

Major seems to be plotting something...

The hypnotic eyes of Malu.

Newly trimmed Oscar the Shih Tzu gets used to seeing the world without a fringe around it.

Tired of keeping both eyes open is Trouble.

No "catch light" in Jess's eyes, but you can kind of see where it's been. Anyway, it's always nice to see Jess.

Finally, time for shut-eye, Lily decides.

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