Pets and their two-legged loves

19:00, Jan 24 2013

This is an unusual Furry Friday, in that it's only half-furry. For once, joining the usual lineup of readers' pets are the two-legged readers themselves - or, in some cases, their spouses/children/flatmates in photos they might not know exist, till today

Still, we all like surprises, right?

Here are our pets with the humans who love them - or at least the ones who consent to be their platform, cushion or mattress. And as blogger, I relish meeting some of the regular blog readers who I know only by way of their pets; thanks so much for sharing yourselves and your relaxed human-plus-pet moments.

Wallis is a two-year-old Bloodhound with Big Dog Syndrome - she thinks she's small, so she tries to cuddle up on people's laps. Here she's made a fuss of by her grandmum, Saf.

Odin's fond of his friend Andrea. It's hard not to smile, even if it only encourages them in their licking blitzes.


Rachel and Mila the Greyhound take a break during a road trip.

Here's Lui the ever-smiling Samoyed with Sarah.

Sabine in the sun, with Jess.

Ethan needed somewhere to rest his head. Stevie didn't mind.

One of Connor's favourite resting places - next to the heat-emitting head of his dad during Saturday afternoon book-reading time.

Dog-paddle against breaststroke: Tacoma chases Tracy.

May I join you? Violla the Dachshund plays footsie with the sunbathing Diana.

Let's roll: Laura with Sadie the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Both Sammy and Brina (two more Bernese Mountain Dogs) have grinned from the blog many times. Here they are with their leash-mistress, Elspeth.

Still room for me? Oscar joins Phillipa for some couch time.

Piglet plays a lumbar supporting role for Jay.

Nigel takes Bella for a thrilling but safe ferry trip in the Bay of Islands. You can tell that Bella is in the moment.

Shoes not required: Steve goes for a summer stroll with Tesla and Banjo.

Family portrait time: Lisa and Victor and their puppy Anya, a White Swiss Shepherd.

Because it's there: Fitz scales the north face and Jetty claims the eastern ridge.

Oli's fine, so long as Andrew doesn't move too much.

Sambuca is king of the castle, even at tooth-brushing time.

Cassie relaxes under Michael's protective arm.

We're in the Men With Cats section, where Fitzy tucks himself under Murray's chin.

The best place to be - dad's lap. Here's Teasal keeping Darren company during his reading break.

Stacie relaxes on Darryl. Admit it - who hasn't used a cat or a small dog as a book- or tablet-holder? They're pinning you down, so they might as well be useful.

Maggie and the man of the house are in dreamland.

Safe hands: Andy with kittens Misty and Shelby.

Hey, that cat's stealing my love! Amelia and Cheeko.

Yes it's sweet. Just don't think of rolling into my space.

The pet-on-person theme reversed, for once: Rhea with Estelle the pig.

Star the lamb nuzzles and hugs with Arden as the cuteness meter goes well into the red zone.

Wide eyes: Frida cuddles with kitten Florence, to whom she has given her own name - Miss Pusskins.

Face time: Coruba (left) and Fatty get as close as they can.

After a hard day, Scooter's always sympathetic.

Next, Emily gives Fluffy Bum the affection he requires. After all, he went missing for two whole years a while back, turning up again in a suburb five minutes from his home. He had been thought lost, but an SPCA volunteer noticed him among some feral cats, and posted a description on Pets on the Net, causing ever-hopeful owner Sarah to wonder if it was her "Boom". And it was - thinner, greyer, with one less fang, but otherwise in good shape. Proof that, with cats, it pays never to give up.

Fiona's off to a party, but Mimi's not invited and is slightly put out.

Smooch takes the "pieces of eight" position on Faye's shoulder.

The heroic face, ears and paws of Enzo Furrari on the day when Marie got him. RIP Enzo, gone too soon.

Finally, a moment of cross-species communication: Liz and little Rosie.

Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the 2000 photos that readers have posted by clicking the Photos link.