The best dog walks

20:39, Jan 30 2013

I had a great break with my dogs, heading to some nice beaches, doing some bushwhacking and enjoying having the dogs around. It is nice when you can take 5 and spend quality time with them as they do put up with a lot. They have to cope with less attention than the children get, with cats that can wander into nearby paddocks and with chickens who are free-range, so cross over the road. It was lovely to be able to just take them out and have some fun.

This has given me an idea for a new year's resolution: to walk them in different parks at least once a week so they get a variety of areas and, I hope, new enthusiasm in finding a new place.

However, this is where the issue gets a little flawed: there are hundreds of parks you are allowed to take your dogs to and others where you are not allowed your dogs, and it gets confusing.

So I thought this blog would be a good way to ask people for comments on where their favourite places for walking dogs are. I can try to send our trainers out to visit some of these parks and do a write up on them. My fellow blogger Nick can also visit some in the Wellington area to do a write up of them. This way we get a real-life view and hopefully some photos of the part and promote places that may otherwise be left alone. Even if you are overseas, let us know - you never know when someone may get there. Using this community you may start to meet some new dogs in those parks just by sharing your favourite spot.

So comment below on your favourite spot and why you love it so much.

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Photo: Chris Reynolds