Things are getting hairy

08:14, Feb 14 2013

Their features may be hidden, their silhouettes may be blurry, they may leave tufts of themselves all over your clothes - but who can resist the fuller-coated pet? Not me.

A well-tended, voluminous coat is a miraculous thing, even if the one tending it was largely you. It looks healthy, it looks huggable, it looks preposterously, wastefully luxurious - yet sometimes, you have to admit, it can look a mess.

Mouse, our cover-cat, is a Scottish Fold with plumage of the finest tortoiseshell.

This photograph is 40 per cent Frankie, 60 per cent Frankie's tail.


This is how fluffy Garfield can be - currently, most of his coat is inside the vacuum cleaner.

It's like one of those colour-blindness tests - look carefully and you'll see Ollie concealed within a fluffy beanbag.

Lily is a Ragdoll - a breed of cat blessed with a deep-pile coat as soft as mist. Also, note the tufted paws.

Disorienting mounds of hair also known as Pippin (left) and Hilites.

Chair-surfing: Gypsy (left) and her boy Junior.

Willow is hot, but cool. Her electric blanket is on, but she's spreading herself around to cool off while not having to, gasp, move. RIP Willow.

Now some views of full-coated pets on the move rather than in a mound. This is Abby, commanding in the garden.

Furry is well named.

Bushy tails growing wild? Not quite - this is Thomas among the wild flowers.

Jess has the mane of age and experience. RIP Jess.

Another well groomed German Shepherd: Genie.

Some prodigious tails are on show today, including Hugo's.

Indie and Enzo keep watch in the garden.

Lily is a feathery beauty.

In his time, Mr Magnolia was king of the farm.

Otis is a long-haired Border Collie.

Leo wishes to come indoors, along with bits of the garden that cling like memories.

Hug bait: Lui the Samoyed.

On his way to full Ragdoll glory is Klaus, here just four months old.

Puppy fur is a sub-miracle in itself. For the first few months of their lives, dogs such as Lexi are covered with powder-puff down that makes them seem twice as vulnerable.

Merlin has the beginnings of a lionlike mane.

Cass's mane is more evident.

The full mutton-chops look: Perkins.

Stacie, not being a boy cat, doesn't like you to talk of her "beard". It's a "ruff", thanks very much.

Molly has a built-in bib.

Face fur is endearing in its own way. Jazz has inherited the whiskered visage of his Schnauzer heritage, as well as other features from his Blue Heeler genes.

All up front: the Schnauzer tonsure of Sockasaurus Oscaraptor.

Dudley isn't built for muddy walks.

Lily is a perfect long-haired Tabby.

The late Storm was hairy all over, including on the ears.

But for hairy ears you can't go past a Spaniel - this is Fergie.

This may be the finest tail of the collection: the breathtaking Shiningwater Jack Frost, at length.

Reader Julia, in Saudi Arabia, sent this picture of her elegantly coiffed dog.

A nod to the fact that it's not just dogs and cats that can have spectacular coats. This is Maisie.

Finally, the lazy luxuriance of Jessie.

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