Mysteries of Pet Yoga

Please take a calm, deep in-breath and compose yourself for today's session of Pet Yoga. Without implying any disrespect for the human version of this healthful practice, I assure you it will become clear that your pet is especially gifted in its techniques.

Today's yoga-cover-cat is modestly named Normal, who in fact gives an exceptional demonstration of the Posture of the Inverted Gaze and Prayer Fists.

The same position, with tongue variation, is mastered by Toshi.

Pepe is an exponent of the Tickle Peril posture.

Caution and practice are the keys to the advanced Bikram Hot Brick Helix technique. Fidel, as you can see, is Lord of the Wrings.

Allie moves ever closer to the demanding Full Tail Sentinel.

Years of preparation pays off for Pedro as he accomplishes Moonlight Toe Greeting.

With a soft out-breath, Rocky Cat returns to Dramatic Paw Mystery.

Now a moment for Marvin to ground himself with the Alarming Corpse pose, in which one eye is kept open at all times.

Oh dear, Ninja has lost focus and allowed both eyes to close. Concentration is so vital in Pet Yoga. Also breathing.

Immaculate Length, demonstrated by Theo.

Flying Teapot, by Gary.

Belly Confidence Posture, by Baz.

Testimony of Male Fullness, by Billy.

Pillow Prayer, by Larry.

Sideways Dog I and II, by Flynn and Ben.

Joint Posture of the Peaceful Chase, by Owen and Beko.

Another breath, then Piccolo essays the Emo Ear Tuft pose.

It's not a pose - Brulee just needs a rest.

Purina Dream, by young practitioner Merlin.

The Penguin Posture, by Texas.

Determined Modesty, by Mouse.

Oops, another break in concentration, this time by Simba, who was only halfway through the classic Salutation to the Sofa.

Flawed but committed form is shown by Smooch in Graceful Rising Effort.

There's always a place for beginners. Gunner makes a first attempt at Prayerful Puppy pose.

Advanced Pet Yoga often involves an object of focus or devotion. Here, Alfie performs Abstaining Arrow, a pose calling for great self-possession.

Indie completes today's programme with a sincere Namaste.

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