Cats go belly-up

I'm seeing a lot of tummy from my cat lately, and no doubt that's due to the heat. As the afternoon temperatures rise and I start having to open doors and windows, Merrick quits the couch to go belly-up on the floor - right at the entrance to the kitchen, his preferred food-lobbying position. I wonder if he thinks that offering his belly for a rub will be a good way of turning attention to him and his food needs...

And it is, indeed, hard to pass by a freely offered cat tummy. They're such textural wonders. But a public service announcement: be sure of your cat before you rub. It may pay to appreciate its tummy from a distance.

Moglet might be a "touch not" cat, going by the expression.

A classic cat locale - right up against the ranchslider. This is Zak, and my apologies for hampering your workday if that yawn has infected you.

Thomas loves that sunny spot too.

Ginger fills the frame.

The late Boris sported a shirt-front as well as a tie.

Azzy works on an indoor tan.

Sparky is wonderfully relaxed.

Sometimes no sun is needed to bring out the bellies. Here's the fire-loving Paris. Any closer and Paris will be burning.

This is Ollie. What you can't tell from the picture is that he's been just 10 minutes in his new home and 45 minutes in his new country, Canada. He had come out of the plane a little grumpy, but clearly Ollie has superb powers of retrieving his cool.

Ben cools off away from the sun.

Kenny cuddles his corner.

Minx takes over the rug.

Theo has a fine, fluffy torso.

This is Maggie May. But she's looking a little playful, so in this instance Maggie may not.

Stacie is one of those curlicued cats, all ruffs and tassels.

Chee Chee takes it easy.

Lucy has all the colours going on, but down below it's all snowiest white.

Now a tribute to the Superman pose, starting with Stritc.

Lynx dreams of flying.

Noah has a neat seam down his front...

...whereas Ringo's puku is a bit more chaotic.

Paddy threatens local cuteness records.

Ginge seems to be whispering a warning.

Finally, Thomas shows off his grey eminence.

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