Every dog loves the beach

19:25, Feb 28 2013

Not all dogs love water, but I think every dog loves a beach. All that firm, flat sand to run on and dig in, all those sticks to pick up and drop, all those smells to add to your coat - at least till the next bathtime.

Then there's all those other dogs to meet. Turns out all that water's just a bonus.

Clover is a sea lover. Here she is running out of the sea at Mangawhai Heads.

Charlie retrieves - just like it says on the label.


A beach full of driftwood is a canine playground. Here's Brodie, before the shakeoff.

The sweetest face you'll see today - Maisie's.

The sandiest face you'll see today - Marley's.

That is, unless you count McKenzie's.

Ruby the German Shorthaired Pointer won't get too much sand in her velvet coat, but it looks as though she may still bring some home...

Boukje paddles.

Beau checks out the whole horizon.

Hey, that water moved! Gypsy seems surprised.

Gunner takes a dip.

Poppy made a hole. May she please take it home with her?

This keen swimmer is Mack.

Time for Poppy to dry off.

Josie has fun at Waipatiki Beach in Hawke's Bay.

Shadow has acres of sand to make into a playground.

Odin checks the broad view at Kaka Point in the Catlins.

Banjo and Tesla wonder why it is that you haven't picked up that ball and thrown it yet. After all, it's heaps more interesting than that volcano on the horizon.

You can't see it past the beard, but Skye has caught a shellfish. Speed, bonnie Skye.

A canine charm bracelet, linking together Doodle, Boo Boo, Abbi and Ollie.

It's a calm day at Petone Beach, but there may be some argument over who has dibs on the driftwood. Cody and Bella both say "mine".

Same beach, different day, this time it's Kuri and Reka negotiating terms.

Can you tell it's young Kaiser's first day at the beach?

Finally, Pip is on a mission to find something, and it might just be Spain.

If you're a pet lover, today is street appeal day for Greyhounds as Pets, which helps find long-term homes for former racing dogs. Keep an eye out for collectors - and a possible opportunity to meet one of these beautiful dogs.

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