Welcome to a dog's home

Dogs love the park, the beach, the car, the street. The outdoors beckons them with its space and its 96,000 scents-per-second air. But dogs are home bodies too.

Here's a lineup of dogs who open their homes to us, inviting us to make ourselves comfortable - so long as we don't take that spot nearest the heater, due to how, you know, refusal often offends.

And to go with this dogs-only Furry Friday, we have a fitting prize you can win. Leave a comment saying who your favourite dog is today (or telling us about your own dog's domestic life), and you'll be in a draw to win a book and toy pack featuring an edition of Lynley Dodd's Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy as well as a plush toy of the famous dog himself - thanks to Penguin Books. It's the blog's way of marking the 30th birthday this month of Dodd's character.

Now let's meet today's at-home dogs.

Come in, says Jake. Have a seat. Over there.

Riley chills out on the day bed.

Dogs love a carpeted floor - so much nicer to roll on, as Archie demonstrates.

For a terrier with a good nose, the kitchen floor is a place of wonders. Bazil here checks out the cat's bowl, just as a precaution.

On top, the table gets a lot of boardgame action, but the downward mezzanine is all Bella's. (And that's Moose on the couch.)

Pascalle has just been told the most remarkable thing. Really? Can it be true?

A Maisy-patterned rug. There are advantages in matching decor with pets, notably that a pet can shed for longer before a vacuuming seems needed.

Blaze on, and a bit off, his bed.

Thinking deep thoughts: Romi (left) and Pepper.

Izzy luxuriates.

Nessie masticates. A dog chewing is an exercise in concentration.

Molly rests her eyes.

Connor rests just one eye. That's a onesie plus blanket.

Nicky is cushioned against the cold.

The wrinkly brow belongs to Gemma. Hey, I like the crate-top computer in the background!

Glamour pose 1: Molly.

Glamour pose 2: Gracie.

Glamour pose 3: Sam.

Tesla has that just-woken-up look: pleased to see you, but hoping it's for something worthwhile.

Lucy would like you to repeat that - she didn't quite catch it.

More Spaniel eyes - these belong to Tess. She's thinking, they put a sweater on me, so how come we're not on a walk?

Another fine handknit, modelled by Aloysius.

Kairo's camouflaged against the furniture.

The definition of cosiness: Bailey and friend.

Babette has a home within the home. She knows how to work it for the camera, doesn't she?

Home is grand, but a dog does get to dreaming about the world and its smells. McKenzie waits for that door to magically slide.

Scooter and Rosie have gold reserve seats on the ideal viewing platform.

Peanut dispenses with the toilet roll - a classic indoor sport.

Theodore sticks by his mum, Mila.

Finally, Saxon, who thinks you can still be a lapdog even when you've grown to 40kg.

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