Furry Friday: Spring in their step

20:47, Nov 07 2013

This could be my favourite, most optimistic bit of the year. The long weekends are over, Guy Fawkes is history (despite some niggling explosions to the contrary), and the washing is dry. There's a spring in my sandalled step.

So I thought we'd have a "spring" edition of Furry Friday; the pun was standing right there with its thumb out, in need of a lift home, and I couldn't just pass it by.

Cover-dog Ron captures the optimism of the season.

Lola is the amazing hovering Westie.


Arlo makes the most of a rain-sodden park.

Two modes of launching: Jack's sedate ship-style, and Charlie's Cape Canaveral method.

Leroy has reasons for leaping: sun, sea, and those twitchy Greyhound muscles that have to be used for 10 minutes every day.

Dex charges.

Neo bounds, and gives us his most thoughtful expression.

The pursuit is on: Shadow chases play-cousin Chelsea. "They are both about one year old and are still trying to work out who is in charge," says Chelsea's owner, Shelley. "Shadow hadn't swum before that day, but was determined to keep up with Chelsea so into the water she went. It was madness, but a fun kind of madness."

Another game of beach chase: Rusty and Skye.

Poppy tries to catch up with Lass and Romi's conga line.

Here's Vedder, the flying Husky.

Ears of speed: meet Taylor.

Grievous gets plenty of height.

Molly turns on a dime.

A meeting of the Chihuahua community.

Chaika tests Rufus's boundaries.

The agile cat's name is Dude. Look on his feats, Tui and other dogs, and tremble.

















Abby and Tank hang out among the wild flowers. Hey, someone's watching us!

Bert checks out the garden. No, it's not catnip.

Charlie indulges his botanical interests.

Patrick and Toby get into a wrestling match...

...and Patrick is crowned winner.

Curly-coated Clio gets into her game.

Mouse is a balletic sort of chap. He spins...

...he leaps...

...and he twists the night away.

Is Nicky's Terrier-spring enough to reach the toy?

If you have little legs, the leap might not be as high or as far. But Sasha can still show a clean pair of heels.

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