Furry Friday: Sitting pretty

22:35, Nov 14 2013

It's a certain way of looking at you - big-eyed, blameless, patient. It redeems a multitude of misdemeanours, and it commands you to grab your camera - because this is your pet at its prettiest and most peaceful.

It's lucky for Worf that his Tibetan Spaniel eyes are so irresistible - he'd be in a lot of trouble otherwise.

Honey Possum causes total liquefaction of the heart.

How can you not smile and forgive? His name is Gibbs.


Cloud sits pretty.

This is Flossy.

Delilah has got herself among the toys.

Magnum investigates the interior of a box.

Maggie came carefully packed.

The box is a little clawed and bitten, but don't go on about it because Ava is fine with it.

One white-socked foot on each side of the chair arm keeps Poppy in perfect balance.

Dora, resplendent.

This is Max - short for Maximillian Demon Cat From Hell, his owner says. "He LOOKS like he wants to kill you, but really that's his 'I'm in heaven, let me pat you with my claws so you start stroking me again' look."

I think this counts as silent insistence.

Linc minds someone's minty mojito.

Bouncer is another who can be trusted with a drink.

Arlo visits the site of some former tomato plants. Just as well he's as cute as he is...

Chevy, parked in the sun, with more dramatic lens flare than a J J Abrams movie!

Whatever Little Dog did, well, it's forgiven.

Not so bad having Becka by your side.

Connor's Ridgy symmetry.

It's a smile, just a little wonky, from Rosco.

Cleo gets into a pattern clash with the carpet.

Someone needs a hug: Milly and Bobby.

Kaos is kalm and kollected.

Ears, eyes, nose ... Tigger is all sense organs.

Cat lovers, how do you interpret Macey Grey's expression...

...and Chyna's? I don't think either is entirely happy.

No problem in reading Otis' open face - that's a happy boy, even with the bow tie.

Spaz practises the I-love-you gaze.

Sitting comfy, if not pretty, is 15-year-old Sylvester.

Horrifying! Zozo thinks My Cat from Hell should be on well after 8.30.

Finally, that Four Legs Good favourite, Digby, takes a break from the craziness of the dog beach.

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