Furry Friday: Just starting out

22:48, Nov 21 2013

Youth is overrated and age is underrated. Someone told me that once, but I can't remember who. Or was it the other way round?

Anyway, age can divide people. Our generation - Boomer, Jones, Y, Z, or Millennial - supposedly defines us, and we're all in a battle to blame everyone else.

Like it says in that song (apologies to Lorde)...

Every day's like squinting, farting, shouting at the TV

Straw hats, ear hair, several rental properties


We don't care

We've got some grey bits in our hair.

Everybody has joint pain, cholesterol, medical attention

High belts, straw hats, apostrophe correction

We don't care

The internet was our idea.

And though we'll never be youthful (youthful)

We ache deep in our bones

Our jokes will make you groan

But you'll never own your home.

And I'll be a Boomer (Boomer)

For at least another forty years

And sonny I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule

While your rent gets in arrears.


The theme of Furry Friday today is youth. It's the long-awaited Kittens and Puppies edition, because the beauty of a kitten or puppy is something we can all agree on, however old or young we are. Can't we?

Our cover-kitten is Mr Jack, who's just learning about what claws can do.

Dawn-eyed Jasmin.

Saucer-eyed Gary.

Droopy-eyed Bella.

Moist-eyed Indie.

Lilybutton is almost too big for her bandanna.

Luka figures out how to find the sunny places.

Squeakles has the focusing power of a satellite dish.

You can't learn without making mistakes: Kaiser gets stuck.

Misty takes a safe walk in the garden.

Koka wonders how these folding blinds work. Might have to experiment a little...

Moni was on her way to the couch cushion, but the journey tired her out.

Bellatrix, taking her place among the precious things.

Cinnamon travels to desk world.

Parker learns a lesson in coat racks and gravity.

That thing with the paws and tongue: Jimmy.

Pure of heart: Tessa.

Dora slowly grows into her whiskers.

Listen up: Zoe.

Doggy paddle: Jessie.

Lulu cools herself.

Riley shows and tells.

Maximus at four months - therefore Minimus, I suppose. Get a load of that forehead!

Peachy is keen.

Sweet profile: Mila.

Unidivided attention: Jovi.

Scenic lookout: Shade and Storm

Sibling unity: Leo and Louie.

Puppyhood and kittenhood is a time when siblings get on so well - the rivalries come later. Here are Bree, Sam and Chloe.

Finally, a tub of cute. A blog reader fostered these kittens a while back. And sorry, they've all been homed happily!

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