Furry Friday: The hats of Christmas

21:34, Dec 05 2013

Christmas is the time for an important decision. It is a decision many of us pet owners make. It is the decision we make when we say to our pet, "Pet, I have decided you are going to wear a brightly coloured hat and I am going to look at you in satisfaction at the result, and probably take a photo. So sit still a moment..."

Left to their own devices, our pets would probably never don Christmas headgear, and what a loss that would be! Why, we'd never get to see the joy, the vainglory, the air of unbridled triumph that any pet will display when its proud head is crowned with a $2 felt titfer, a jaunty pompom stitched thereto.

We could never have that. Why, it's a seasonal ritual! So get ready for the first Christmas hat edition of Furry Friday.

McKenzie wears her hat with an audacious tilt. Or has it just fallen part-way off?

Carter could not be happier to model this year's Santa accessory.


Charlie challenges you to say a word against his seasonal attire.

Caspian wonders dreamily how he ever managed to go hatless so long.

Baclofen carries it off with easy flair.

It's Chief's second Christmas, and he's grown nicely into his cap.

Deck the dog: Comet got involved when it was time to put up the decorations.

Sam wore his hat for fundraising purposes - his own vet bills. I'm told that he's much improved.


Now that's a good idea - a fastener. Juno is thrilled.

Ollie (left) and Dougal beam with holiday spirit.

A Santa convention: Brina, Emma and Sammy.

Scooter (left) benignly accepts being decorated. Meanwhile G'Kar tries on a spiffing jacket that not only celebrates Christmas, but has a pun on it. What could be better?

Harry (left) and Josie show off their neckwear. Harry's pleading gaze says, "Oh do let me wear this collar for a bit longer, pretty please?"

Tiny stalwart Santas: DeeDee and Lilly.

Chic and stylish: Katie and Wilson.

It's dress-up time, and Oscar and Vinnie are having the best fun.

Now let's get on to the subject of antler hats. All dogs love them and wouldn't be seen bare-headed at this time of the year. This is Murphy Brown.

Braxton (left) and Jasper are beautifully enhanced. And how wonderful that there are bells to tinkle and mark the dog's every move! They must love that!

Woody is Reindog for a day.

Dex is Rudolph. 

Then there are hats that combine the antler element with the Santa theme. Miss Clawdia is delighted with hers.

Elf-effacing: Valea.

Oscar loves his costume so much, he'll make it his Christmas dinner.

Finally, meet Hugo, star of the Central Allbreeds Dog Training School Christmas party a while back. He won a prize for this elf costume, which he wore for the whole party and during the games. Look at his face! I told you pets love dress-up.

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