Furry Friday: Caught up in it all

23:01, Dec 12 2013

Sometimes we conscript our pets into the Christmas spirit - often by way of hats and antlers that are issued compulsorily and worn stoically. But often the pets are willing participants in these end-of-year traditions.

The season brings all these smells to investigate, all these baubles to paw, all this wrapping paper to tear, all this tinsel to get tied up and trapped in.

Take Ruby, our cover-kitten. She's lost in the baubly beauty of the tree.

William plots an assault on the tree's north face.


Jimi feels he should be up there on top, but second best is to position himself next to it as a tree-sidekick.

Subi knows what Santa brought.

Simba has found the cockpit, and is now directing operations.

If you decorate it, they will come. No cat can resist taking a spot in the Gifts Zone - Felix certainly can't.

Chopper keeps guard.

Buffo prods the low-hanging fruit.

For Shelby, it's just another glamorous place to sleep.

Mikey wonders when these so-called presents are going to arrive - there's tearing to be done, you know.

"No peeking," say the stickers. So Jango keeps eyes discreetly closed.

Panda can't help noticing that the tree has no ornaments within reach. Is this some mistake? Or a conspiracy?

Ollie takes the careful approach.

Spidercat is bewitched.

Buzz decides to steal Christmas, bauble by bauble.

Chance has a parcel. Smells okay. Feels okay. Tastes great.


The wreath is so pretty, Alice assumes it's intended for her.

Georgie Girl believes that patience will bring a reward.

After the presents are handed out, Tigger has a whole new set of toys.

Chilli has that Christmas afternoon feeling.

Meet Knuckles, who likes to supervise all wrapping and unwrapping.

Smudge is an apprentice Christmas tree.

Kona's expression is a worry. I think this might end badly...

...and it does. Tree destruction accomplished.

Zonda has a bed of glitter.

Finally, the late, beautiful Toffee. Precious at any time of year.

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