Furry Friday: Festive friends

As always on a Friday, there's a lineup of reader photos below to give you an end-of-week lift and get you thinking about your own pet (which is a healthy thing to do on any busy day). But today is also the final Four Legs Good post for 2013, so it's a last chance, for a while, for us to swap thoughts.

Thank you to everyone who follows this blog - you who send me photos and stories of your pets, or suggestions for blog posts; you who read my posts and even follow the lives of my own pets. When we're out for walks, every so often someone comes up to greet Connor or Phoebe, recognising them from the blog. It's a reminder to me of how ready people are to buy into someone else's stories, and it's touching that people have taken our dogs, and Merrick the cat, into their hearts. 

Four Legs Good will be back in the new year. In the meantime, feel free to visit the site and scroll back over old posts - a popular one this year was the collection of "Men and cats" photos, even if some of the pics came as an embarrassing surprise to the male subjects!

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Our cover-cat today is George, who needs no fake beard to play his role.

Harry does need the beard, though you'd swear it's natural.

Bright-eyed and bushy-faced: Alo.

The most brilliant smile you'll see today: Victa.

Elf-conscious: Digby.

This picture was taken during the five milliseconds Tink managed to keep her costume on. Her rear-mounted happiness meter is off the scale.

Dexter's new knitwear.

Over it already: Billie.

Antlered up and belted in: Ally.

Ava and Myrtle's eye-popping first Christmas.

Beaudene and Montgomery John are bunny elves.

Bella takes to the shade.

Fonzy the Christmas grouch goes on the attack.

Worf has a new designation.

This truly is the full monty: Louie and Stella go all out.

Last week, the floor was bare. This week it's crowded - but Mikey looks no happier.

Romi plays Christmas tree.

Smudge closes in on a bauble.

Thor is just 10 weeks old and has a lot of growing to do, so this'll be his final ride in a Christmas stocking.

Toby and Ted say "cheese" for the family Christmas card.

Tree + cords + kitten = this.

It's Fonzy again, all aglitter.

And finally, it's Stella Aroha. She won't go until she gets some, so bring some out here.

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