Furry Friday: Occupied outdoors

02:18, Jan 10 2014

Lately I've been spending more time outside than usual. Not in the fruitful body-moving, exercise-having, vitamin-D-getting way that is often mistakenly associated with words such as "outdoors". No, it's been more in a shady-balcony-sitting, morning-coffee-sipping, books-reading way often properly associated with words such as "holiday" and "sabbatical".

Every now and then I resolve to go out into the literal sun of the actual outdoors, but then it rains. Or it looks as if it's probably going to rain, which amounts to the same thing.

The pets join me in this inactivity, monitoring the passing parade of joggers, posties, cats and bees. My cat shares my stillness, but the dogs find the outdoors exciting rather than restful. It's the dogs that eventually get me up, out, and more engaged with the outside world; bless them for it!

Here's a lineup of pets making good use of the warm outdoors.

Meet cover-cat Russell, a kitten of pink extremities.


Vedder the young Husky thrives in the outdoors.

Louie is nearly lost in grass that's as high as a Pointer's eye.

Harley thinks he's a hammock.

Hemi mimics the corrugated cat in the garden. It wasn't long ago that Hemi was homeless, but now he's safe among companions.

Harlow samples the turf, finding it pleasingly nutty.

The ball doesn't bounce as well as it used to, but it's a lot easier for Jessie to carry.

Marlee's in play mode, too.

Lara balances her diet.

Pleased to meet you, delicately: Molly and young Jake.

Pleased to meet you, tentatively: Emmie the Greyhound and Bergamo.

Chopper defends the territory.

Farm cat Mystery patrols the grounds.

Entrance is not prohibited, insists Frankie. 

Miranda Purr finds a lookout.

Stumpy sings the haunting moon song of his tribe.

Fair of face: Linc.

Lily's in Middle Earth.

Kissed by sun: Hugo.

Seven years ago, a man named Jack found a dog living in a hollow near the banks of Lake Taupo. Seven years later Jack the dog (as he's now named) lives the good life of a naughty but loved pet. Here he is watching the ships coming into Wellington harbour.

Cindy has found a sheltered, north-facing spot - excellent real estate.

Come on in, the concrete's warm: Cleo takes a rest. A few months ago, Cleo used up a couple of her lives in surviving a run-in with a car, but she's back to full strength.

For Felix, happiness is a warm car roof.

Kiva is tiny, and so is her grin. But not for long: she's destined to grow to be an imposing, beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog.

Moxie the Viszla cools off in the January heat.

Schutz gets spritzed.

Blog star Romi helps with the gardening.

Finally, a pleading look from Cody, who'd really rather be on her way.

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