Furry Friday: It's all too much

Pets don't seem to suffer many human-type sleep problems. They don't toss and turn, worrying about mortgage payments or plagued by the same bit of a Miley Cyrus song replaying in their head. They sleep anywhere, and fall asleep quickly. In fact, the need to sleep can creep up and grab them at any moment.

Take Colin, whose need to snooze came upon him when he was hanging round the shoe zone.

Nessie didn't quite make it to the next level - so she slept on two.

Toby wishes that someone would pull the curtains across. To those of you admiring Toby's fluffy belly, be informed that Toby doesn't like his tummy tickled, and you'll lose your hand if you try it.

Being a puppy is tiring work, and the urge to flop and sleep is hard to resist. Hence Lucy's nap in an inconvenient (for humans) part of the house.

Blade didn't even finish stretching before brain shutdown occurred.

Have you ever had this happen to you on an aeroplane? Lily tried to remain in the upright position but just couldn't manage it.

Roxy and Zulu conked out at the same time.

This is Senju, who defied a diagnosis of kidney failure for three years before slipping away last May aged 17. Every afternoon she shared naptime with her owner Belinda.

Rahi is in the land of nod.

That feeling of sun-warmed carpet can cause Biggles' eyelids to droop.

Joy has lived through a few battles, but sleeps the sleep of the pure-hearted.

Kila went from being a stray kitten in Suva, Fiji, to resting amid high thread counts in a loving home. 

Undys gets to sleep how she wants, given that she is all of 22 years old. Respect.

Molly has grown tired of networking.

Mozey's nap is purely tactical. Patrolling of the garden will resume soon.

Tread carefully as you make your way past the synchronised step-sleeping of Sue and Possum.

Cody sleeps with one eye open - you miss less fun that way.

Bailey has learnt that smiling wins you a lot of attention and sometimes even helps you get your own way. How very true. Now, Bailey kindly suggests you leave him to resume his nap.

Rion has a purpose-chewed resting place. 

Echo and Miss Toes: It's so hard to keep your eyes open and your head up when someone is using your foot as a pillow. 

Pippi is so touched that you made the bed, all for her.

Honey Possum could do with just one more pillow.

That bed was so inviting, Pearl couldn't resist.

Lenore and Phelia just can't maintain concentration on your anecdotes. Nothing personal, though.

Zorro gets a dreamy grooming from Fergus, who's probably semi-conscious too.

Milo and Dudley have a certain preferred sleeping angle.

Nacho cadges a lift from a sleepy and tolerant Russell.

Again, the power of a sun-soaked stretch of carpet is irresistible. This sunbather is named Lulu.

Tigger sleeps, and the rest of us who have things to do can only be envious.

Stevie got tired of desk work. Can't you hear the gentle snoring?

There he was, strolling across the furniture, when bam - out like a light. The couch-back sleeper is named Zeus.

Finally, Pebbles judges you. Not too harshly - after all, you have such well-placed furniture...

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