Furry Friday: Stardom achieved

Last updated 11:22 31/01/2014

You learned last week how to ensure your furred companion becomes a star. Now let's acknowledge some pets that have attained this vaulting goal - and the great cinematic artworks that showcased them.

You must have seen Mila and Ollie in Twins. It was hilarious.

Mila and Ollie

Bethan and Bronwyn were Fast and Furious, respectively.

Bethan and Bronwyn

He Knows You're Alone had a few plot wrinkles but nobody does suspense like Hoss Man. 

Hoss Man

Searching for Sugar Man had a disappointing ending. (Lucy)


U-Turn came with a shocking twist. (Kila)


Centerfold caused a stir. (Allie)


We laughed, sometimes, at The Three Amigos. (Digby, Otis, and Alo)

Digby etc

The Big Easy was a sleeper hit. (Fred)


Izzy was Oscar-bait in Drive...


...and her ensemble work with Lace and Kobi was acclaimed in Let the Right One Out.

Lace etc

Winter's Bone was grim... (Lance)


... and many found Mouse Hunt a little slow-moving. (Lance again)

Lance mousepad

A few critics thought The Bone Collector was miscast. (Jack)


But Lani was perfect in Sliders. The co-starring bean bag received good notices too.


Lilly Button had a meaty role in Boxing Helena...

Lilly Button

..and even more so in Magnificent Obsession.

Lilly Button ribs

Everyone loves thrillers. There was Wait Until Dark... (Lulu)


... and the subtle Don't Look Now. (Opal)


What started out as Match Point was more appropriately retitled Crash. (Phoenix)


There was the chilling He's Right Behind You. (Toby)


Poppet was perfecly cast in Nuts.


Clash of the Titans. (Tyson and Jett)

Tyson and Jet

The X-Hens franchise has been lucrative.


The Paper Chase had a predictable ending. (Solo)


We winced at the violence of My Sole to Take. (Stacie)


There was an all-cat version of Titanic...

Three cats

... but the canine version trumped it, with Shelby, CC and Cherry sharing the title role.

Shelby etc

Murray and Chica moved us in My Bodyguard...

Murray andChica rest

... but nearly brought us to tears in Presumed Innocent. What commitment!

Murray andChica

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