Furry Friday: Boxed and bagged

00:58, Feb 07 2014

If recycling is about finding a new role for something that started out with another, then pets are expert recyclers. They can give anything a new purpose - if that purpose is to be either toy or bed.

Never is this more true than with those emblems of recycling, the box and the bag. They're such useful containers for us humans - but have you ever noticed that, no matter how big, small, tatty or opulent, a box or a bag is always pet-sized?

Take this simple tote bag: perfect for casual shopping, yet also ideally suited to the shape of tabby cover-cat Wookie.

 Manny has also found a cosy refuge. The ceiling's a bit low, though.


 This bag is Maggie's now - and you'd better not try to challenge her.

 Let Frankie pretend he's an item of flat-pack furniture - in a couple of weeks he won't fit anymore.

 Murphy's new home has both north- and south-facing entrances.

If the house is lacking bags, then Misty supposes she can make do with one of those cat tunnels - basically a zhuzhed-up shopping bag anyway.

With minor adjustments, a box can become a spacious apartment. That's Ron Purrgundy in the foyer, waiting to welcome visitors.

Betty the goat and her friend Rufus often chat across the back fence.

The chewed edges only make Rion's box seem more homey.

Charlie insists on indoor-outdoor flow.

Maggie's pad is well situated but lacking in privacy.

Pav Blanc raises the roof.

Toby is packed in tight. See the little bit of his ginger tush poking through the gap at the bottom?

What works for a cat may not work for a pup. Nitro seems a little constricted.

In a well organised house, Ming is an icon of tidiness.

Missy helps prove that every box is fundamentally cat-shaped.

Radar is oblivious to your printing needs.

Other repurposed tools of pet-containment include pots, buckets and baskets. This pot-dweller is named Blue.

A bucketful of tortie: Tari.

And here's a basketful of Tari.

This is Luna, vigilant sentinel of the sock basket.

It's a loose weave, but Rosie is comfy.

Romeo is sure he's within the carry-on limit. (RIP Romeo.)

The suitcase was being aired, and Chloe saw her chance. Such luxury!

Finally, Teddy checks your packing. Surely there's still room for a little one?

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