Furry Friday: Pets in pairs

When I watch two pets interacting with each other, I start channelling a whispering David Attenborough. "The small dog, lively and incautious, advances on the apparently sleeping cat. For a moment, the supine feline shows no reaction as the brazen interloper invades its space. Soon, however, the encounter stirs up intense territorial jealousies as the two creatures battle to assert sovereignty over a contested squeaky pompom..."

Indeed, when two pets get together in one place, the result can be unpredictable. They can play merrily, or coexist coolly. They can conspire to cause havoc, or simply steal a bit of body heat from each other. As the Facebook status says, it's complicated.

Behold, pets in pairs. 

This week's cover-cats are the beautifully named Bismarck and Verity, six-month-old Siamese/Orientals. They seem to be of one mind.

Between them, Jack and Rosa have the staircase covered. Pass, if you dare.

Gus and Bonnie spot excitement in the middle distance.

Sporting rivalry: Tui and Mika.

Bethan and Bronwyn, detained by a bee.

Twin garden sentinels: Socks and Ruby.

Betty the goat "popcorns" in the garden, under the gaze of her great friend Rufus.

Pearl and Matilda are at that stage where strict supervision is needed.

Hollie and Simba wonder if the blogger will be able to add a vast amount of fill-light to the photo so they can both be seen clearly. But no, it didn't work.

Tabby cool: Lady and Lucky.

Matching pair: Poppy and Tilly.

One of the greatest pet mysteries is the relationship between a cat and a dog that share a house. (There's a book in it, if someone wants to send me the advance.) In the case of Jess and Henry, the connection seems to be one of unrequited fascination.

Calm bedfellows: Zorro and Fergus.

Coexisting but keeping a careful distance are Obee and Nellie.

Sillmates: Carter and Walter.

Separate but equal (aside from the blanket): Lily and Liberty.

Fellowship of the floor: Monte and Zoia. 

Do I detect some jealousy between Neuro and Oli?

I need my space, Snow tells Jovi.

Zonda and Isla demonstrate how to turn a paper bag into twin accommodation.

Two exotic beauties with Coronation Street names: Madge on the left, and Doris. They have since both departed the world, Madge at over 19 years and Doris at almost 18.

Co-chairs: Zeus and Mattie. 

Stevie doesn't mind being Cocoa's mattress. Not that much, anyway.

Sophie finds Stella's face to be a great toy. Fine, but watch the claws...

Now for relationships of uncomplicated closeness - at least when it's bedtime. Meet Maggie and Lucy...

Carli and Harry in a pile of puppy...

Sheba and Cleopatra in queenly sleep...

Garry and Gordie gently alliterating...

And finally, Pierre and Persephone cause an epidemic of sleepiness among blog readers.

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