Furry Friday: The song of my people

21:22, Mar 06 2014

Do cats have a national anthem? I say they do. I say they keep it secret. We hear snatches of it, perhaps a couple of bars of duet sung outside the window in the tiny hours, but never the whole thing. Until today. Today, a choir of cats has gathered to sing you the song of their people.

You'll have to, uh, imagine what it sounds like. This blog has no sound system, so it'll be a picture of a song (what a novelty!). But I'll try to help by describing it.

Like any stadium stemwinder, the song starts quietly. (Axel)

A delicate melody is introduced. (Shortbread)


A tenor joins in.  (Georgie Girl)

Then an alto. (Buri)

Finally a bass. (Odie)

The tune is joined from all directions. (Baclofen)

Getting pretty loud now. (Miranda Purr)

And trills from one of the backup girls. (Luna)

Breath control very important. (Molly)

Then there is the "bridge", bringing a key change. (Violet)

The emotion builds. (Ace)

More trills. (Meow)

More rap. (Puss in Boots)

Just time for a breath before the chorus. (Axel)


  It's so loud. (Charlie, Jax, Gingy)    
  Very loud. (Lucy, Kitten, Maggie)    
Ears bleed. (Noodle, Teetoe, Meg)    
  Eyes bleed. (Zeus, Phineas, Spider)    
  The climax. (Mischief, Fez, Tigger)    

Then it goes all quiet, just like it does for Celine Dion. Time to snatch a ragged breath. (Henry)

Another ragged breath as the chord fades. (Leo)

It's over. All that's left now is groove-face and peace out, man. (Arthur)

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