Furry Friday: Tongue masters

21:37, Mar 13 2014

There are many types of pet tongue. There is cute tongue. There is rude tongue. There is utility tongue. Notable also in the tongue department are thirst tongue, cool tongue, and personal hygiene tongue. 

Surely there are enough types of pet tongue to celebrate and to reclaim the tongue's standing from its most notorious defamer, Miley Cyrus tongue?

I hope so.

This week's cover-tongue is that of Baclofen. Look closely and you'll see a tuft of that yellow plush toy in Baclofen's mouth. I don't think Baclofen found it very tasty.

This is the drill: sniff to find out what the air smells like, then nose-lick to find out what the air smell tastes like. So ingenious. Chester demonstrates.


Alo has featured a few times on Four Legs Good, and you can see he's growing fast. You could say we're recording his alolescence, but only if you're pun-tolerant. His tongue is a curl of perfection.

Pink on ginger: Lucille.

Another one: Hamish, a cheeky boy.

And another: Ron, who hasn't quite mastered tongue-jaw coordination.

Sleepy tongue: Charlie. 

Slumber tongue: Coco.

Dreamy tongue: Rummy. 

Out-of-it tongue: Stevie.

Gibbs gets a taste of dry leaf - a seasonal feature accompanying and following dry cicada.

In this picture of Tilly, I suspect we may be witnessing a break during a period of "foot tongue", something that certain small dogs are known for. In my house, being barefoot is to invite a lengthy licking.

Arlo's happy tongue.

Spencer's friendly tongue. He thinks those socks are dead funny.

Say "Guten Morgen" to Umlaut the lamb, a forever pet in a vegetarian household. "He's a real character who will eat out of your hand, but occasionally forgets to open his mouth and gets very frustrated as he is hungry but not achieving anything," says reader Bridget.

This is Cara, another who's featured on the blog before. RIP Cara, who died unexpectedly the other day at the age of 8 years.

An authoritative modicum of tongue from the splendid Inspector Morse.

Sheer joy from Fergus the Irish Water Spaniel.

Scoopy tongue: Neo.

Mirth tongue: Frankie.

Eager tongue: Cody.

Shiva's opinion on this topic is firmly and foamily held.

Stumpy is contented.

Aston the gorgeous Japanese Spitz takes a moment to cool down.

Today's most enormous tongue, that of Bow. Bow is wearing a Halti-type training harness; we tried one with our dog Connor and it was effective but, boy, did he ever hate it!

Coruba's overall expression informs us that he's eating catnip.

Jovi craves a different kind of buzz.

Another pup whose growth has been marked in this blog: Kiva. That's a heart-lifting smile.

Tongues of joy: Mate, Gypsy and Chester. 

An Attenborough-worthy shot of Pippa Potamus' grooming tongue.

Perfect bliss: Zara.

On the way somewhere, and Zac is in the moment.

Finally, a yawny tongue from Wally, who wants you to change the subject to "the weekend".

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