Furry Friday: Face time

They have cute tails, and paws, and coats and tummies - but it's the face that gets you.

The face that won you over that time you visited the shelter.

The face that gazes at you in adoration, then flicks away to track the flight-path of a cicada or to scrutinise a leaf.

The face that's in your own face every morning, thrilled to see you and only coincidentally hungry for breakfast.

The face that silently speaks pure pleasure, like that of cover-dog Dougal as he takes his place on a family fishing trip.

The queenly profile of Ruby.

The wide-eyed inquiry of Socks.

The far-off gaze of Walter.

The close-to gaze of Nella.

Every glance is a discovery for 10-week-old Beau.

There's a face known to every dog owner - that upturned stare of your dog at your feet, wishing you'd hop up from the couch and do something exciting or at least tasty. Here's Charlie, giving you that face.

This is Stella, ensuring your attention. I'm sure that part of the evolutionary reason for dog snouts is that they're perfectly shaped to wedge their way into humans' lives.

The dog-stare in stereo: Skye and Whisky.

Even through a slight photographic blur, Monty's gaze is clear.

This is Spencer's beautiful morning face - a good reason to get up and start the day. 

Looking at this photo of Connor, I'm convinced that suddenly he'll blink, shift his eyes to you, then away, then back to you - the way they do.

Greville is far away, yet present.

The luxuriantly framed face of Maya the Maine Coon.

Hoss Man is also known as Mr Doodles. I reckon that's because a single name simply doesn't do justice to such an extraordinary being.

Always ready for her closeup: Doreen.

A previous star of Furry Friday, named Trouble.

Mr Whippy, or Whip Whips, owed his name to his Indiana Jones tail. But he was also prized for his all-round smoochiness. His owner took him on knowing Mr Whippy had a heart defect, and at the age of seven, last month, that heart gave out. He's sadly missed. You can read more about his breed here.

Isla has been at the pizza dough.

Oscar has been at the milk.

The beautiful Megan, RIP.

Ebony, fondly remembered.

Furry and blurry: Hamish.

The bright face of Kisa. 

Finally, another senior citizen, Tom. The face does get you, doesn't it?

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