Furry Friday: Crazy like a cat

00:49, Mar 28 2014

Cats would like you to believe they're sober citizens, but it's not always true. In truth, every cat has moments of craziness and abandon. Each has interludes of blatting activity, of dramatic eccentricity, of amusing loopiness. Every cat is both Dr Jekyll and Miss Hydey-Paws.

So here is a tribute to cat craziness: moments when cats act a little silly or a lot. All they ask is that you accept their insanity plea.

Our cover-cat is named Freddie, blue-eyed king of the jungle. 

Jypsy went through a lion phase too. 


Lochie joins the bohemian set. Those annoying hipster hats are getting smaller and smaller.

Bags can drive a cat silly. Like Puddles here...

... or like Millicent here. (That's Abigail on the left.)

Nothing messes with a cat's head as much as a box. This box-crazy cat is Sam.

In a cat's mind, a box is a thing to be conquered, occupied and defeated. Kila is in the occupation phase.

Now a bracket of photos that could be summed up by the motto "get inside it, then stare out". Here's Belle, hitching a ride.

Ben chills.

Luna fancies herself as both book and librarian, classifying and shelving herself.

Annabell is invisible - she thinks.

Taking a tumble: Billie Jean (left) and Frosty Boy.

Crazy don't-mess-with-me face: Gus.

Crazy pay-attention-to-me face: Daisy.

Crazy what-the-hell-is-that face: Moo, and spider.

That special category of crazy face that requires lying sideways and kicking. This is Aslan and his favourite toy.

It's a very sane kind of craziness that prompts a kitten to climb the clothes rack and discover that a bath towel has created a perfect hammock. Theodore is not so crazy.

Debsi doesn't realise just how precarious her position is. One false move, and there'll be hammock horror.

Moni fell asleep while guarding the dog biscuits. 

Have you heard that saying about cats, "If I fits, I sits"? Let's expand it to say "and if I don't fits, I sits anyway, also". This is Bob, on one of those one-buttock camping stools.

Millicent, of earlier bag fame, embodies both those sayings, about fitting-and-sitting and about getting-in-and-staring-back.

Holly has gone bacon-crazy. 

Not quite fitting, but sitting: Ninja denies sun to a bed of strawberries.

Spurning a sensible chair is Bonnie. A cat can make itself comfy in the most unlikely place, then gaze back at you as if to say "what are you staring at?"

My favourite photo today is this one of Onyx, because it's absolute classic cat craziness. It makes no sense, yet somehow it's so obvious. 

Of course a shoe can be a pillow. Right? Colin reckons so. And that's Colin's actual face in repose, not a reaction to the shoe.

Liam is a La-Z-Cat.

Fitting, sitting and snitting. This is Hamish.

Gwen's meerkat impression. 

Nelson's lemur impression.

Oscar's bug-on-a-windscreen impression.

That's Pooh on the bedknob. (Not something you really want to hear.)

Finally, Romy is in your pants. Well, you left them right there, and she couldn't let all that body heat go to waste. Quite sensible, really.

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