Furry Friday: The dogs' hour

22:07, Apr 03 2014

We have reached it again: the dawn of that weekend when we change our clocks in the unfashionable direction of backwards. Summer is spreading sheets over the furniture, pulling across the curtains, and putting up a sign that says "Closed till October".

But on Sunday, in a lame one-off bonus like a chocolate fish tucked into the envelope that carries your power bill, there is an extra hour. 

The question is, what will you do with it?

The answer I suggest is give it to your dog, if you have one. Take your dog outside for those 60 minutes. And if it's raining too hard, well, that's where the phrase "rain check" comes from; save that hour till the weather is fit for purpose.

(If you don't have a dog, give the hour to yourself, and go walking on a beach or in a park. Make sure you meet at least one dog; I guarantee it'll make your hour better.)

To inspire you, here's a collection of dogs that love the world outdoors. You can see the love in the face of our cover-dog, Zac.


Oscar has a million-dollar view of Wellington a head's turn away. But he'd rather smile at you.

Yogi's ready for a ball to be thrown.

Mo, post-shake.

Lennox trots just clear of the waves. As any dog owner knows, that's the part of the beach where a dog can really get filthy. RIP Lennox.

Connor is a dog about to become a torpedo.

Hyde loves the Wynyard Quarter on Auckland's waterfront. 

Audrey starred in Furry Friday a few weeks ago when she poked her joyous head out of a car window. I wonder if this was where she was travelling that day.

What a big tongue Cody has - all the better to taste the fresh air.

It's Oscar again, this time negotiating a fallen tree. 

Skye and Whisky make waves. Love those little aerial tails.

Fraser takes in the view at Jack's Point, not far from Queenstown. I wonder if he's visualising how his new house will look.

Jett wonders if there's anyone for tennis, played according to his particular rules. 

Archer makes sure of a bath later. 

Kiki doesn't mind the autumn - those rules about summer sprinkler use are nothing but a pain.

Ollie is another who gets into autumn - and a bit of autumn gets into him.

You can practically see the dotted line between Kaiser's eyes and the ball.

A beautiful shot of Jazz the Husky.

This is Linc: "Don't you know the ear-semaphore sign for 'throw the stick'?"

Snack and sunbathing time for Briar the Wire-Haired Miniature Dachshund.

Eve shares a house with four cats. So getting outdoors is her chance to strike out and be independent - and find an undisturbed place to rest.

The very cute Tana.

This is Tiki, whose expression fits the name.

The regal Sasha.

Finally, the threshold of the outdoor world is the front porch, where Phoebe is happy to weigh all her options.

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