Furry Friday: Restfully alert

They tell you that cats sleep 15 hours a day. But what they don't tell you is how many hours a day the average cat lies down, doing nothing. I mean, fully awake but reclining; the technical term for it (which I just invented) is conscious recumbency.

Hours and hours, I'll bet. Certainly long enough for someone to approach and take a photo. Hence today's collection of kittens and cats in the restful but alert state that's so common in their lives.

But before the picture show starts, a quick echoey shout-out to yesterday's Four Legs Good post about Lil Bub - there's a prize competition attached. And last week's competition is still alive, so be in - I'll make a draw for winners this weekend.

Time for pictures. Starting with the liquidly restful Molly.

Annie takes a grooming pause. Or is she imagining what life would be like with a new smartphone? An internet full of cat pictures, how awful that would be...

Meet the peaceful Zephyr. He was born in prison but then taken in and given a bright future by the dedicated folk at Cat Help. (Several of today's kittens are Cat Help rescuees.)

Maggie has discovered sun curtains. All those claw-friendly little holes.

Kira's bedroom eyes.

Cleo's bathroom grin.

Now some upside-down recumbency, starting with the beautiful Maggie. 

I love you but get out of my sun, says Miranda.

Max is maxed out.

Sophie presents his belly. Yes, Sophie is a boy. Cats don't seem to mind what you name them, so long as you say it loudly at dinnertime.

Milly's paws are almost luminescently pink.

You are being observed, in this instance, by Leo.

This is another Cat Help kitten in need of a home: Niko. He was found wandering the streets and in poor condition. Things have started to look up...

The not-quite-totally-black Maud.

This guy's name is a pun in itself: Prints. So of course he belongs in Furry Friday.

Polly has discovered a semi-sheltered spot.

Come to me, my little catnip plant, break free! Ginge dreams of a great escape.

Let Generator's owner tell his story: "We got Generator as a three-month old kitten the day we went to buy a vacuum cleaner, as ours had recently died. The local vacuum store is right next to the pet store, so we went and had a look. I picked Generator up and he wouldn't stop purring in my arms, so he was named after a favourite Foo Fighters song, Generator - the lyrics 'can you hear my motor, you're the one that started it' suit him and his loving personality perfectly. He still purrs constantly!"

I don't know the story behind Rigel's name (the star, or the differently spelt character in Farscape?) but he looks like one perfect specimen of booming health.

Tiger is not permitted on the table. But he would make the argument that he's not, strictly speaking, on the table.

Two jewels in a reader's crown: Amber and Black Pearl.

Diego guards the stairs.

Smokey is well named. Would you believe that Ginge, the catnip-hunter above, is a sibling? 

Mabel's not in a posing mood. But she looks magnificent anyway.

A highly captionable shot of Pancho Villa the Ragdoll. Feel free to send suggestions!

Finally, a face to get you to the weekend: George. 

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