Furry Friday: The cuteness meter

Cuteness can be dangerous. A little of it will flick the needle of your inner cuteness meter and give you a moment of generalised wellbeing. But too much of it can put you at risk in numerous ways, from decreased workplace productivity through to catastrophic loss of worry and an inability to operate complex machinery without weeping from joy.

Please prepare yourself and your cuteness meter for a testing few minutes. What follows is a collection of photos that aims to illustrate pet-cuteness in a highly controlled and rigorous way. However, some seepage is inevitable, so protective eyewear and a lead-lined apron are recommended. Proceed at your own risk.

Albie will take your cuteness meter immediately into the yellow zone.

More kitteny trouble: Felix.

Kiva's paws are in themselves worthy of a public cuteness warning.

Nelson works it.

Gizmo flaunts it.

Have you heard? Tigger is on the radio.

Nico sleeps cute on the windowsill.

Everything's so tall to Indy.

It's puppy fat, insists Ace.

Basil and his pink best friend.

Isla's raincoat can be seen from the Moon.

High-viz Lily waits for her daily outing.

Lochie is ready for walkies. It's the resigned expression that makes it cute.

This garment is pure decoration - not that Jess needs it.

Furry Friday doesn't usually go in for pets-dressed-up, but let's do it just this once with Zara's bathtime picture, since it's undeniably cute and today is all about the cuteness.

All eyes: DeeDee.

Yawning cute: Archer.

Lucy's light-aversion.

Cuteness is not reserved for puppies. This is the lovable face of Poppy, nearly 15 years old.

Cuddleworthy: Jared.

With Zelda, we're now in the cuteness red zone.

All rise for Scruffles Fluffy Bum Honey Badger Poo Pants McScrattigan.

Winnie's a perfect blur.

Jovi and Snow push the cuteness meter to dangerous heights. She's gonna blow.

Panda and Diva think the washing rack is a California King hammock. Now they're discovering an inherent design instability.

Max's dinner-plate eyes.

Light and shadow create on Lena that rare astronomical event, Blood Ears. 

Finally, Tilly checks you out over her shoulder, and everyone's cuteness meter melts down and dribbles away. I did warn you.

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