Furry Friday: Cats in comfort

Are you sitting comfortably? If you were a cat, I wouldn't need to ask you that question, because the answer would always be yes.

Cats do not put up with discomfort. They prefer luxury, but when that's not available, they'll always insist on conditions that are at least tolerable. If those conditions were intolerable, then cats wouldn't tolerate them, would they? And if they tolerated discomfort, they wouldn't let on to us. Which is yet another philosophical conundrum that cats like to present to us, while stealing our favourite chair.

Our first proof that comfort can be found anywhere is offered by Tilly. The unzipped pocket is her refuge from a threatened journey to see the vet.

 Meet the front 5 per cent of Daisy.

 Gombi needs tucking in.

Never let them see you suffer, thinks Usagi.

The cuddly toys have a rival. 

A trainer gives Colin the right amount of athletic support. 

Enzo holds the power. In my experience, felines and remote controls are a poor mix - my cat always seems to be able to find some unknown reception-destroying button and activate it with his paw. 

A motorcycle cap gives Grey Cat an easy ride. 

You have work to do? Surely not, Rufus decides. 

You need to study? Later, Stanley concludes. 

Miranda wishes to support her point with the authority of a biblical reading. 

Miranda again, at home in the driver's seat. 

Bobcat's in control. 

Gin and Tonic are the only matching pair in the sock drawer. 

Nanhi likes it up there. The fact that the vacuum cleaner is being used is irrelevant. 

Ray makes fence-sitting look like the wisest course of action. 

Ruby keeps an eye on the neighbourhood. All she needs is two paws' width of fence. 

If the sun is bright, any spot will do. This is Ninja. 

Pearl is happy with half a plant pot. 

Tommy is a part-time lawn ornament. 

Tui and Kit have located the lap of luxury. 

For Luca, Phineas and Mogali, the lap of luxury is not sufficient. Also required are the chest, tummy and knees of luxury. 

But perhaps above all, true comfort is to be found in that Goldilocks orbital zone around a wood fire. That's where Tinker is. 

Scooter's marking are like calligraphy - her owner, Jaimee, thinks one side says "cat" and the other "dog".  

Snowy sponges in the heat. 

Finally, Gypsy, Bilko, Coal and Axel seem to have been asked an impertinent question. Perhaps it was "Would you like to move from there?" 

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