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Furry Friday: 27 wonderful kittens

07:40am 19 Dec 2014


For some reason, the final Furry Friday post of any year since about, oh, 2010, has been about kittens. There's no special reason - I think I just wanted a tradition to uphold.

Well, maybe there is another reason. The reason is kittens. All pets are beautiful, but kittens have a particular beauty that's fun, and fragile, and goofy, and brief. A lot of today's photos were taken on the kitten's first day at home, no doubt to create a record of a look or a trait that would be gone a week later.

Also, now is a time of year when there are too many kittens. So if you can, and these photos inspire you, then go adopt one. Take good care of it and give it a long, good life, the way the owners of today's kittens have done or are doing.

Our cover-kitten is named Taco, whose life began by being dumped with his siblings. Things look better now for little Taco.


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29 dogs wearing Christmas headgear

08:02am 18 Dec 2014


We've seen how cats handle Christmas - sometimes with a playful spirit, I thought, and sometimes with flat-out condescension. So how about dogs?

Going by the photos people sent me of their dogs in Christmas, I'd say dogs handle the season and its dress-up traditions with a lot of dignity. They lift their heads proudly, even if something wobbly and waggly is attached to it. Sometimes they even seem to smile. As always, they give back so much.

Tread carefully today. There are puns about.

Ralph is not too grand for an elf hat with pom-poms. But his splendour shines through.


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Furry Friday: Cats at Christmas

09:35am 12 Dec 2014


Cats seem to get a kick out of Christmas. Here are some possible reasons:

* A Christmas tree to climb in.

* A Christmas tree to hide under.

* Giftwrap to tear.

* A better than usual quality of food scraps.

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23 pets in Santa hats

05:00am 11 Dec 2014


Have you ever put a Santa hat on your pet's head? Even just for long enough to take a picture? If so, you're far from alone.

Everyone does it. The pet usually doesn't like it - their "I'm annoyed but I trust you anyway" expression makes our hearts melt and is the reason we do it. It's no cruelty, and the hat doesn't stay on.

Anyway, here are some pets enduring the Christmas hat tradition. The captions rhyme, because somehow I thought they should.

A felt Santa hat from the $2 Shop...


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Furry Friday: 29 Magical pet faces

09:30am 05 Dec 2014


We love it when our pet grins, or squints, or yawns, or winks, or gets its tongue trapped between its lips. Those are all cute moments. But what about their more subtle expressions? A pet's peaceful, untroubled face can make our heart melt just as much as a funny expression can.

Here are some pets with their beautiful faces in repose. Why do they look so peaceful and at one with themselves and the world? Maybe because they're loved so much.

Today's cover-dog is Lilly the Japanese Spitz. Just a glance from her is enough to make your heart jump.


The gorgeous gaze of the late Basil. Left behind by his previous owner, Basil came to the people who moved into "his" home and he made himself part of their household. His second owner, Linda, says Basil had a loving and beautiful nature.

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