Do you believe in the Birthday Grinch?

23:43, Nov 18 2012

It was Mystery Hunk's birthday last week - he turned the bit THREE-OH. To me it's no big deal - just another chance to realise that a number doesn't define how old you feel in your head. In my brain I'm operating about a decade behind - still waiting for my two best friends to pick me up in the pink, rusty V-Dub one of them owned to take us to McDonald's before school.

To MH, however, leaving behind the 20s is a pretty big deal (read: having not made the crossover myself yet, any blog comments of reassurance I can show him will be greatly appreciated). And compounding matters this year is the fact the MH is also a Birthday Grinch.

When it comes to birthdays - and please add to the conversation if you think I'm wrong - I figure that people fit into one of two categories. Either you're the birthday grinch, or you squeeze every minute out of the day/I never want this to end celebration machine. Whichever category you're in, it probably extends to Christmas, Easter and Halloween too. You either have Mariah Carey's Christmas album on repeat, or avoid carols because hearing them is a fate worse than death.

As soon as the day arrived, I reckon MH wanted it over. A surprise birthday video of all his friends and family around the world wishing him Happy Birthday did brighten things up before he left for work - which I was quietly relieved about given the amazing effort everyone went to, and the two days I spent sitting in our village's only "internet cafe" waiting for them to download. Aaand the money I spent on a local "multimedia company" asking them to put it on DVD... in actual fact the best they could do was to create an opening title page...


He also got an amazing array of Kiwi treats in a care package from his aunty back home - which means that sour snake lollies, pineapple lumps and gingernuts will be my three main food groups for the next week. 

The grinchiness, though, materialised in its own ways. Wanting to avoid a birthday cake or being sung to, for example. Strategically attempting to time present-opening to avoid having to do it in front of any of the gift givers. As it turned out, we had a whole bunch of foreigners here for his work, so got to have a thrown-together 30th birthday party - though I'm certain he would have been just as happy at home watching Family Guy episodes in bed. There was no hint of "spoil me, it's my birthday" at all.

I, on the other hand, like to make my birthday last for at least a week. Turning another year old is a great reason to drink more, eat more, and have everyone tell you how great they think you are. 

What I can't figure out, is WHY. What makes some of us want to lap up a celebratory day in our honour, and others want to pass the hours until it's over for another year. Anyone?