Skinny lattes and almond croissants

22:00, Dec 09 2012

Christmas is well and truly upon us, and surprisingly I've found myself layered up in thermals and overcoats, surrounded by elaborate Christmas lights. People are chirpy despite the negative-degree temperatures, and I'm told snow is imminent. How could this be, you may ask? Well, dear readers, I've last-minute found myself in London.

I wondered what it would be like returning to civilisation after such isolation. And it's been nothing short of intense. I'm blown away by so many things here in London - things that I wouldn't have thought twice about before living in East Africa. Like how on earth is there an electricity grid stable enough to support the entire population of this massive city? Why do people turn into robots on the tube? How can that shop charge NZ$500 for a table centrepiece? It's a decoration! It serves no purpose!

I'm sure anyone who has gone from poverty to wealth understands - I feel a little like an alien with the reality of life in Africa constantly on my mind. The supermarket has become a daunting place - how does one choose betwen 35 different types of biscuits? And how do the chickens get so big? (The only ones I saw in Tanzania never grew bigger than your hand)

Which brings me to my next point - I'll be off the blogging radar for a while. Unforeseen circumstances means I'm in London a little earlier than expected - while poor old MH slogs away in Tanzania I'm now catching up on the months without skinny lattes and almond croissants. Tough, I know.

Anywho, given the state of play, and the upcoming holidays (for you and Stuff bloggers alike) this will be my final post for the year. But! I hope to make a return to your much-valued screens in the coming year, and will keep you up to date.

Thanks for coming along on the African adventure - and Happy Holidays!

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Picture: Daniel Pichler