Cats on my ankles, joy in my heart

22:10, Aug 06 2014

Yesterday was a bit of a trying one here in the Tamaira-Fox household. The Master had, for reasons largely unknown and unknowable, deigned it necessary to wake no less than five times in the night leaving his parents a tad delicate of disposition and positively shambolic of appearance. But this is how it goes sometimes when you've created a small human who possesses a great many of your own traits and flaws, such as a gift for not sleeping.

So anyway, I was feeling a bit frazzled already yesterday when The Master decided that in addition to not sleeping well at night that he would also eschew a daytime nap. Much crying ensued, some of it from him. Eventually he did surrender to the sweet bliss of sleep and that's when I decided to open the parcel from the Silver Fox's sister that had arrived earlier that day. It was making a tinkling noise that suggested it contained some kind of baby toy.

In it were gifts for the baby, the Silver Fox and myself. Amongst my gifts were these socks...

Despite having had a pretty rubbish day up to that point I broke out into a massive grin. Who knew that a pair of quite frankly ridiculous looking socks could instantly change my mood for the better?

I hurriedly wiggled my boots off and put them on. The shape of my ankles and calves made the faces go all strange and misshapen and I was surprised to find that I now had kitten faces on both the fronts and backs of my ankles... but they were glorious.


I have absolutely no idea what kind of outfit or footwear I could possibly wear these with. I mean, they pretty much go with nothing. Unless... I do have an increasingly ratty looking bathrobe and wild hair, so if I ever need to go to a fancy dress party as a crazy cat lady I guess I have a costume ready to go. I may just have to wear the cat socks around the house on days when I need cheering up.

I am not confident that I am the kind of person who could pull off wearing cat socks in public. Zooey Deschanel could probably do it. People would look at her and say "ooh, how adorable and quirky", whereas I suspect people would get an entirely different vibe from me. More of a "please do not pick the seat next to me on the bus" kind of thing.

The sudden and unexpected joy these socks have given me caused me to reflect that wearing, or even just owning and looking at a completely mad item can have transformative, mood-altering effects. The SF has an incredibly loud shirt with rubber duckies on that he never wears but which he won't get rid of. Perhaps this shirt is his kitten socks? And I used to work with a woman who kept a tiara on her desk...and it wasn't a plastic one. It was, in fact, quite fancy. Sometimes putting on kitten socks or a tiara is the only reasonable way to cope with your day.

So what are your cat socks? Do you have a special pair of shoes, a tie, or a madly extravagant hat that can jolt you out of a bad mood? At what sort of social occasion would it be appropriate for me to wear my socks?