It's official. I'm ancient.

Last updated 15:41 16/11/2007

zimmer_frame.jpgIn the course of daily life I rarely stop to reflect on the passage of time.  We're all getting older every day but for the most part we just carry on with the business of living rather than worry that we're not as youthful as we used to be.

Watching Sunrise this morning I had one of those moments when you suddenly realise that 20 years of your life just whizzed by without you realising it.  James and Carly were chatting away with Hollywood correspondent Nelson Aspen.  Nelson seems like he is a very genial sort of chap but as he lives in California he has the misfortune of having skin exactly the same colour as Highlander caramel.  In this morning's segment Nelson mentioned that he had seen the stars of The Princess Bride who are lately promoting the 2oth anniversary DVD release of the movie.

Oh  my God!  It's been twenty years since The Princess Bride came out?  How the effing hell did that happen?  But that must make Dirty Dancing 20 years old as well!  I grew up in the eighties and up until that very moment I'd still considered that to be recent history but this morning I suddenly realised that there are university age people for whom "before remote controls/cellphones/the internet" is a strange olde worlde place where dinosaurs still roam the earth and everyone churns their own butter.

When you add into the mix my predisposition towards grumpiness and the few stray white hairs that seem to be cropping up rather more than they used to, well, part of me thinks I should just buy a Zimmer Frame and a Midsomer Murders box-set and be done with it.

Having said that, I would never want to go back to being an awkward 13-year-old again.  There are some benefits that come with age after all like knowing how to walk in heels without looking like you have no control over your feet.  I know that mustard yellow only looks good on .5% of the population and even then you have to squint a bit.  I have much better skin (mostly).  Oh and most important, I can buy whatever I want even if it's something frivolous that I'll only wear once.

Even it it's a snuggle-sack.

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