Crowdsourcing my Christmas list

05:59, Dec 02 2011

So it's that time of year again. The time when my mother starts to put the hard word on me about what I might like for my birthday and Christmas. Mum is of the opinion that I am, quote, "hard to buy for".


It's a sad fact that the woman who has known me the longest and best over the course of my life has seemingly very little insight into what my tastes are. I have no idea why that should be. Maybe it's just a familial blind spot? From my point of view with regards to buying for my mother, generally I'm on safe territory if I buy her something that has cats on it, or is shaped like a cat. If she didn't already have two I'd just buy her a cat or possibly this.

Of course the main problem is that whenever I'm directly asked what I'd like as a gift my brain decides to take a holiday. Sure, the rest of the time when I'm out shopping or idly flicking through mailers (that, I swear, are coming at a rate of knots at the moment; I think they may be breeding in our letterbox) my head is full of lovely things that I would love to own but the second I'm asked to recall any of them it's my 7th form end-of-year calculus exam all over again. All nervous laughter, anxiety, and the sound of windswept tumbleweeds rolling across the deserted main street of my mind.

So this presents a bit of a problem for both my mother as gift buyer (she gave me the gift of life. You'd think that would be enough...but it's not) and me as gift imaginer/recipient.

Which is where you lot come in. A couple of years ago an unnamed family member (not my mother) gave me a small plaque that was supposed to hang on the wall and that featured an "inspirational" quote. Now, if you've been reading this blog for a while you may be able to predict how I feel about things with inspirational quotes and just what they might "inspire" me to do with them. Am I, readers, on the basis of what you regularly read here, someone who would enjoy that sort of thing?


No. I am not. 

And that is exactly the crux of an idea that I've having. Could it be possible that you are the key to solving my problem? 

Could it be that you know my tastes better than my family does, just by virtue of reading my blog? From time to time commenters have stated that they feel like they "know" me or consider me a sort of acquaintance even though we've never met. I'd like to test this theory (and solve my Christmas/Birthday list problem at the same time (like killing two pigs with one angry bird). Could we crowdsource this?

So...based on your impression of me from reading my blog posts what do you think I would like for Christmas and/or my birthday? Please make suggestions below and I'll give the yea or nay on each, and add the yeas to the list I give my mother. The only restriction is that suggestions should be affordable, naturally I'm going to say that yes, I would like a superyacht but that's not really going to help me or my mum unless one of us wins Lotto. 'Kay? I'm really interested to see how well you do, actually...

If you really can't think of anything that I might like, you could relate if you have a similar situation in your family.

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