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Last updated 09:40 01/03/2012

Recently I have been sidelined as object of affection numero uno in the eyes of the Silver Fox. I mean, we're still on friendly terms and everything but there's no mistaking that my position has been usurped. He is in love with another.

He is in love...with his barbecue.

MOAR MEEEAT!!He bought it a week ago and has been doting on it ever since. In a way, I can understand the appeal. I can't possibly compete with it. Indeed, with its cool, retro styling it looks how you imagine a Cadillac would look if a Cadillac could cook you a steak. It has a powder-coated steel body, a roasting hood, internal storage for a gas bottle and (gulp) automatic soft touch ignition. It gets its hotness from four burners. Even with enormous amounts of primping and hair product I've never gone beyond "three burner hot" myself. Although I do, too, have a "warming rack".

Naturally the Silver Fox is keen on spending as much time with his new pal as possible. He's completely forsaken the kitchen stove in favour of al fresco cookery. I've lost count of the number of meals he's cooked on it in only a week. I think if there were a way of barbecuing Weet-Bix, he would have made breakfast on it this morning and if we should run out of sausages I have some fear for the neighbourhood cats.


And even my appetite for sauteed onion, which I had always assumed was unquenchable, is getting close to quenched. Pretty quenchy right now. Yup.

I have yet to cook anything myself with the new barbecue, having taken more of a lovely assistant role. Which is fine by me as it means I don't have to clean it, which the Silver Fox does diligently and lovingly with an enamel safe washing brush and warm soapy water.

So what I'm looking for today is any advice on whether we think this will be a short-lived infatuation or whether I can assume that I will be permanently playing second hotdog? I am hopeful that as the weather turns, the Silver Fox can be lured back inside the house (though having a verandah doesn't assure this). I suppose I could buy him a crockpot for winter cooking and see if that works? Men, is there a special appeal to cooking outdoors that the inside variety cannot supply and if so, what?

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Mrs P   #1   09:56 am Mar 01 2012

Believe me, he will get over it!

Booboo   #2   10:03 am Mar 01 2012

warming rack. hahahaha

Lauren   #3   10:04 am Mar 01 2012

Start cooking some other stuff on it other than meat. Soak some corn on the cobs in water for half an hour, then bung them on husks and all. They steam to deliciousness (no soaking results in fire, as my brother in law discovered on Christmas day). Baked potatoes also come out great on the BBQ.

janet   #4   10:04 am Mar 01 2012

We bought a nice bbq two summers ago. Number of uses first summer, probably 4. Number of uses this summer, 1. So I really can't relate! We are vegetarians though so it was probably a wierd purchase. I can't work it and I do all the cooking so it's really not surprising it's used so rarely (plus, did we even have a summer in CHC?).

Why don't you make some vege kebabs to get some variety? Eggplant, Courgette, Capsicum, Cherry Toms, Tofu (or chicken I guess) and Haloumi. Yum!

Davo   #5   10:13 am Mar 01 2012

You will get him back for the winter, but that is all. I use mine as often as I can, and Xmas Dinner at our place now consists of everyone bring meat and salads over, and the men standing around the BBQ with a beer in hand, each of us observing the unwritten rule that the owner of the house looks after the bbq, and no one else is to touch it unless asked, or the owner has gone inside to get another beer. Even then, it is only to be touched in an emergency. And not just because something is smoking or being singed, it has to be on fire before you can swing into action. I will let you in on the mens secret though...the reason we like cooking on the bbq is because all you have to do is stand there, turning food occasionally, while talking and drinking with friends. This is also the reason the food is always burnt. We don't want the occasion to end, so leave eveerything on as long as possible, sometimes using the old excuse "we have to cook it thoroughly, or someone will get food poisoning". We don't care about the guests gastro health.

ms_taken   #6   10:14 am Mar 01 2012

ug!! Silver Fox have Man Kitchen. Ug.

Get the NZ Gardener, their editor (Lynda Hallinan?) had a BBQ as her cooking implement for a long time and swore by it - even baking cakes and bread. Take it over with baking, he might get the hint. but hen, being a male, he might not as you're not being obvious enough about it.

Davo   #7   10:15 am Mar 01 2012

Also, if it comes with a rottiserie, use it. Roast beef or pork is beauiful cooked on the bbq.

El Jorge   #8   10:25 am Mar 01 2012

What the H E double hockey sticks is the SF thinking?!?!

A) cleaning the hotplate?? (thus washing away all the bbq-y goodness and seasoning)

B) Using soapy water?? (thus letting a soapy residue permeate its way into the hotplate)

If you must, and only absolutely must clean your hotplate, scrape it down first, give it a rub with a cut lemon or grapefruit and then rinse with beer. No other alternatives are acceptable!

SF, please hand in your Man Card.

Michelle   #9   10:27 am Mar 01 2012

Courgettes and asparagus on the bbq are the best!

Emme   #10   10:31 am Mar 01 2012

At least the Silver Fox is using it! My hubby spent a small fortune on a BBQ but for fear that using it will somehow tarnish it he has fired it up only twice!

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