A week of random internet-ness

Well it's a been a big week. For one thing I am back in contact lenses after The Unfortunate Eye Mishap, which is so far going well. Not to mention all sorts of cray-cray stuff like a kidnapping-stabbing-shooty combo, and the closure of a segment of the mall I usually go to for "earthquake strengthening". There was a time when I would have been scandalised by the fact that for months the Silver Fox and I had been blithely wandering around in a building that is "suddenly" lacking in structural integrity but it's happened so many times now that all we do now is shrug and hope they get it fixed more quickly than they have the local video store. Such is life in the 03 these days.

But these are things happening in the real world and therefore fundamentally less interesting than things on the Internet. So in honour of Friday, here is a selection of my favourite things from the Internet that I've encountered this week.

Courtney Love attacks The Muppets, gets burnt by Stuff commenter - Earlier this week Courtney Love came out swinging in her own ill-aimed, flailing way when she took issue with the use of seminal Nirvana song Smells Like Teen Spirit in the latest Muppets movie, likening it, as you would, to rape. Despite the presence of Muppets in this story, it's still a "real world" issue and therefore doesn't qualify for this list. However, comment #15 on this story by "Family Guy" made me snort quite immoderately, and I'm mentioning it for that reason alone. "Family Guy", I salute you.

Stickers that I don't have an issue with - Sure, I had a wee gripe last week about stickers on the backs of cars but they don't always have to be a menace. Sometimes they can be art.  At the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art last year they painted a room white and then let kids go nuts, completely covering it in round colourful stickers. Even despite the fact that this takes me back to the time when I had to clean several dozen "Kia ora" library stickers off the screen of a television (miscreants!), I still think this is cool. And I can't help wondering what Kevin McCloud would make of it.

Filthy, filthy poets - Good buddy Consuela put me on to this book, the title of which prominently features a cuss word (you have been warned), and I am quite taken with it. I've no idea if I'd actually enjoy the poetry in it but I am absolutely delirious over the fact that someone named a book that. And that it's a New Zealand book. Utter filth. Love it.

This is what powered The Empire - The Silver Fox sent me this earlier in the week suggesting that it was the perfect way to look like Darth Vader while remaining eco-friendly. It's basically a mask that fits over your mouth and harnesses the power of your breathing...to charge your iPhone (or other unnecessary consumerist gadget). From what I can tell it's still only a concept but I like this because a) I DO want to look like Darth Vader while I "sleep, walk, run, read a book..." and b) such is my devotion to my iPhone I would happily give it mouth-to-mouth if I thought it were dying. I can't wait until this goes into production. Expect every single person who ends up wearing one to say "Luke, I am your father".

This can't be good for horse self-esteem - I'm not going to lie. I've seen the Star Wars doggy outfits and thought "I know it's wrong but I think I would consider doing that". So I guess it's probably a good thing that I don't have a dog. But that doesn't mean I'm not disturbed by horses dressed as Harry Potter. I mean, they're wearing giant spectacles. Where do you even get giant glasses for a horse? Are they bespoke specs? Or is there some place that makes such abominations? And do I really have to point out how strange and inappropriate it is that some of these horsey-Harrys are being ridden by girls who look like Hermione? For fetlock's sake, what is going on here? The worst thing about this is that all week I've been afraid to show this to my one "horsey" friend. Just in case she likes it.

So that's my pick of random internet-ness this week. I hope you enjoyed it. What was your favourite thing from the Internet this week? As always thoughts and opinions on the above are welcome.

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