Is this a knife sticker I see before me?

It started innocently enough, with just three stickers.

Just three. Nothing over the top. Just a smallish shopping trip to Countdown to top up on a few things and there we were, being presented with three small blue stickers. Something to do with free knives. We didn't think much of it but the Silver Fox tucked them into his wallet all the same. But really our fate was sealed the moment I picked up the sticker "booklet" at the checkout. For now we are in its grip. The grip of sticker madness. But this time it's not sticker-hatred that motivates me to write, rather it's sticker-mania.

For those of you who don't do your supermarket shopping at Countdown (I once saw Richard Till at the one we frequent, so yes he actually DOES shop there), there's currently a promotion that basically entices you with the promise of a blue rectangular sticker every time you spend $20. Save up enough of these gems and you will get...a free knife.

Even as I typed that I was aware of how unimpressive it was but for some reason the Silver Fox and I have become quite excited about the collection of said stickers and the acquisition of our free knife. We don't actually need any more knives but this small fact doesn't seem to have dampened our enthusiasm at all. We have a mission and that mission is a free knife.

Every trip to the supermarket is an opportunity to accumulate more stickers that will take us closer to our knifely nirvana.

I really do think that it's the booklet that was our downfall. It swiftly took up residence on the fridge door held in place with a Jayne Russell Alice in Videoland fridge magnet. Every time we got home from the supermarket, after putting away our new purchases, we'd add our latest stickers to the batch and rub our hands in glee, dizzy with anticipation about our free knife.

I'm pretty sure the rewards charts with gold stars and smiley face stamps that were a feature of primary school have a lot to do with why we've grown so covetous of our supermarket stickers. I think we've been conditioned in our formative years to respond well to this sort of thing.

Mind you, I was reasonably oblivious to just how excited I'd become by our knife stickers until earlier in the week when the Silver Fox managed to score seven stickers from a workmate whom he'd lent money to buy lunch. When he got home from work that night we actually high-fived each other over it. Seven stickers! For free! WE RULE!

And since then I've been considering that our sticker fixation might be a little, I dunno...odd? I mean who gets excited about free knife stickers? Is this normal? Do we need to get out more? Should we just buy some knives and be done with it?

So I kind of want to know if anyone else has been sucked into the vortex of knife-sticker madness and if what do you think the hook is? Is it the sticker chart? Is it the tantalising free-ness of the knives? Is it that the only other excitement in your life is The Walking Dead and subsequent zombie nightmares?

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