The Great Easter Fail

Last updated 13:26 11/04/2012

There are some traditions associated with Easter that I have a genuine fondness for. For instance, no matter how old I get I still get a kick out of hunting around the house for chocolate eggs that I'm not particularly interested in eating (it's the thrill of the chase!) and I've never met a buttered hot cross bun I didn't want to devour with gusto. Fond foil-wrapped memories, all.

But what I've noticed in recent years is that I have another annual Easter habit that is entirely less satisfying. Something I've grown to think of as The Great Easter Fail.

As every cubicle citizen knows, Easter with its double-whammy Friday-Monday combo is the longest of the long weekends. Four luxurious days off in a row that don't cost you anything in annual leave.

And every year I Have Plans. I actively assuage my guilt about all the things that I don't quite get around to doing the rest of the time by promising myself that I will do them at Easter. At Easter there will be time. At Easter I will be super-organised and probably get everything done by midday Saturday. I will be motivated. Things will happen. I will fight entropy. I will create order from chaos. There will be raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens! I am the walrus. Koo koo kachoo!

Somehow when I say it in my own head it all sounds perfectly plausible. Except what actually happens is that I do about one thing on my list and spend the rest of the time working* through a backlog of TV shows I've recorded whilst nibbling at corn chips and ignoring the perfectly lovely weather outside.

Meanwhile I'm no closer to getting all my Easter jobs done. In fact, after running quite the marketing campaign with myself over how productive my Easter break was going to be it's more than a little disappointing to realise that you've stubbornly refused to admit that these Easter jobs even exist. Disappointing but entirely predictable. It's what I do.

What I don't do, however, is:

  • hem skirts, sew on buttons, or mend seams
  • do paperwork
  • make any attempt whatsoever with regards to anything tax-related
  • make delicious baked goods
  • Visit my mother (sorry Mum!)
  • sell hallway-cluttering surplus appliances and homeware on TradeMe
  • organise and upload photos from the last five months (is anyone still interested in my New Years Eve party photos?)
  • Weed my plastic containers

In my defence I did make a late charge on Monday when I cleaned the windows. Some of them. The most dirty ones. Okay, the ones I could reach without a ladder. And I only did that because I find squeegeeing strangely satisfying. I did also manage to get all my clothes into clothes storage devices. Behold! I have carpet that is visible! 

But really I would consider these fairly minor successes in the scheme of things. I had such great plans...but such little interest in following them through.

Does this happen to you at Easter as well? How would you grade your Easter Effectiveness? A+ or, like me, a solid D? What are the jobs that you put off until the magical point in the future when you "have time"?

*I'm using the term loosely here, of course.

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Max   #1   01:41 pm Apr 11 2012

FWIW, Hawke's Bay has two 4-day weekends - its anniversary day is always the Friday before Labour Day, giving them two chances at a four-day fail like the one you describe.

jules   #2   01:47 pm Apr 11 2012

it was our first easter spent at home as hubby was away but due back Saturday. I had plans of doing delightful housework springcleany type jobs. then hubby came home thursday so said jobs got put on the back burner yet again.

Scott   #3   01:54 pm Apr 11 2012

My plan for Easter was to work my way through the backlog of TV shows I had stored away. Didn't happen thanks to the combination of fine weather and unexpected demands on my time from others.

I think whatever you plan it won't happen. So what you should do is plan to watch TV shows. That way you might end up doing something productive.

anabels   #4   01:56 pm Apr 11 2012

My Easter like much else in my life was a solid B+, not bad but could do better. I did clean the house, flat inspection today. I did do the contract marking. But I only spent 8 instead of 12 hours studying and skipped 2 workouts! Weird being able to see the carpet isn't it!

viffer   #5   01:58 pm Apr 11 2012

I was the opposite, I'm afraid. After a frustrating and fruitless few weeks at work, I relished the oportunity to ignore my wife's suggestion to "take it easy" and spent the whole four days finishing the landscaping. I fully intended to at least relax on Monday (no, really!), but the prospect of nothing to do filled me with terror, so my "just a couple of easy jobs" turned into working until dusk, installing some steps, and rehanging the newly made gate. Oh well; there's always a nice relaxing short work week to catch up on relaxing...

AT   #6   01:58 pm Apr 11 2012

Great plans here too! Baking and preserving and weeding the garden and sorting out my bokashi bins... and instead I sat down and started reading Game of Thrones. And then suddenly it was Monday evening and I realised I had done NOTHING.

Poppy   #7   02:06 pm Apr 11 2012

Hmm. Achieved: making hot cross buns, making a bumper batch of roasted tomato sauce to freeze for future dinners, dragging the gentleman caller to the garden centre, a start made on gardening and most of the new purchases potted up and mulched, the bathroom cleaned.

Not achieved (because this is how our school system works now, dontcha know?): cleaning the pantry, cleaning the fridge, finishing the gardening, vacuuming, watching the backlog of tv programmes I recorded so I have more than 2% capacity on my TBox because Winter Is Coming (in my defence, the weather was too good to justify that bit).

B- for me, I think, or maybe a C+.

Tracy   #8   02:09 pm Apr 11 2012

That sums me up perfectly, great plans to long walks, visit to MOTAT, clean the house, declutter a bit. What I actually did is read, catch up on programmes I had recorded, do a half arsed walk and soaked my feet in the sea.

JCC   #9   02:15 pm Apr 11 2012

No failing here, just a solid B. Helps by having low expectations :)

But we did manage to climb Mt Karioi on friday, which nicely set us up for a couple of days of hobbling and complaining and justified 'lounging', some easy gardening, baking and entertaining friends. Plus i had an extra day off yesterday to get those pesky houseworky things done in peace.

Jen   #10   02:15 pm Apr 11 2012

Oh thank the sweet baby jesus! Someone else who is incapable of doing a sausage of productive activity on a long weekend!

I had plans to clean the house from top to bottom, to finally fold all our washing, to bake some things and get my act together so I stop buying every meal I ever eat. So very little of that happened.

I am pretty proud of the sheer volume of chocolate I made my way through though. AND I managed to avoid paying stupid public holiday surcharges by cooking on Friday and Sunday. So not entirely a failure. I'd give myself a C-.

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