What's hot and what's not

At no time in my life could I ever have made the claim that I was cool, but I know what I like, and equally what I don't. Consider this a disclaimer of sorts for what is to follow. I just don't want anyone mistakenly believing that I am "on trend". I like stuff that I like. People of taste may have quite different opinions (but I reserve my right to care not a jot).

Things I'm liking at the moment:

Kitten-shaped bicycle helmets - I can't even remember what I was looking for when I happened upon these, such is the power of bright pink kitten helmets. Also available in Bunny and Pony, or for less cuddly cyclists Mohawk and Shark. And weirdly enough bad LSD-trip Gorilla. But bad news...they only come in child noggin sizes. As if kids are the only people who want to look like idiots. I know plenty of grown-ups who have no qualms about looking like a dick on a bike at all.

Road Madness - Now esconced as my midweek guilty pleasure, TV3's Road Madness has a lot to commend it. There's Ewen Gilmour's unrepentant sporting of a double-denim ensemble. There's all the bleeped out swearing from the truckies as their drive cameras capture pure vehicular folly and the associated fun of guessing which particular combination of swear words has been used (this is what passes for a parlour game in our house).

And because the vast majority of the footage is from New Zealand there's always the fun of trying to pick where the near-miss in question took place. "Oh look, it's the Cranford St intersection!" we cooed fondly. And of course, the best bit is that you get to denounce the irresponsible, lunatic driving of others without being put in harm's way. It may not be highbrow but by golly it's diverting.

Cat-astrophic ChCh - CatPaint has a lot to answer for. The iPhone app which allows users to easily add a variety of felines with Superman laser-eye power into any photo has made possible a Tumblr that re-imagines Christchurch's deconstruction as decatstruction. That is, the buildings and landmarks of the city are not being torn down by heavy machinery but by giant cats with laser eyes. Certainly more amusing than the reality and appealing in a "everyone knows cats are secretly evil" kind of way. 

Things I'm not liking at the moment:

Head switcheroo - Remember when I went to Australia for that family wedding? Of course there were photos taken and naturally these ended up on Facebook. One of the Silver Fox's friends, feeling bored the other day, took it upon himself to take a perfectly nice shot of SF and me together and make it really weird and uncomfortable for everyone. I can't explain exactly why I react so strongly to this image but mostly my mind just screams "Hey! Those are MY boobs!" Deeply troubling.

What will Christchurch look like in the future? Asks Architecture Now, providing a visual overview of current construction completed, under way or due to be completed in the next year or two. My overriding impression is "boxy". They say there are no straight lines in nature, and if we're wondering where they went, I think we now know. They're going to be in Christchurch. ALL OF THEM.

Goodbye Moata-nest -The house we rent is definitely going to be pulled down (not for at least six months but at some point). This makes me very sad. I feel sorry for the house but also the street and the neighbourhood. It's such a cute little cottage. I'm kind of bummed about it to be honest with you. It's safe enough to live in but too damaged for repairs to be feasible. Also, I HATE moving.

So, as usual your thoughts, comments and opinions on any of the above are strongly encouraged. Do I look good with broad shoulders? Does anyone elso love Road Madness? Are giant cats destroying Christchurch? And happy Friday to one and all!

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