Miss Moata's feeling for snow




This is the sound of snow sliding off the roof and landing on the ground. Or large branches on trees finally losing their snowy crust. Or really unsuccessful ninjas landing on the roof. Or a zombie falling up the steps of our verandah.

In any event I'll be happy when the snow isn't giving me the heebee-jeebees any more.

That's the thing about your city suddenly being bedecked in white - it comes with pros and cons. The pro might be a day off work (although a lot of us are "lucky" enough to be able to do that from home - the earthquakes mean we not only have the mechanisms to access work files remotely but our organisations know this and to some degree expect that we will be able to carry on at home) the con might be that your home heating is not a patch on the office aircon.

This was certainly true at my house yesterday when after a morning of four-layers-double-socks-and-scarf-inside I finally broke through the heatpump denial that was holding me back and fetched a heater from the other end of the house. I think heatpump denial is a bit like climate change denial but in reverse. Climate change deniers refuse to believe that humans are causing a significant increase in global temperatures. Heatpump deniers refuse to believe that their heatpumps aren't causing a significant increase in room temperature.

Another pro of snow is that it makes the most utterly mundane things a little bit beautiful. Utilitarian safety fencing becomes frosty white lace, wheelie bins become vanilla-iced cupcakes, washing lines stop looking like noodles and become super-long sausages instead. Heck, even something as dull as guttering gets accessorised in sparkling icicles. Heck, even barbed wire looks good (not the movie, that's still terrible).

But boy do you have to watch yourself on that ice? I nearly took a spill this morning and I was no more than a metre from the front door. I can see why the ninjas are struggling to keep the sounds of their movements down to the usual silence, to be honest.

So here are some of my pros and cons when it comes to snow days (now that I have had three within a year and am therefore an expert):


Working from home and therefore not having to worry about make-up or whether my outfit 'works'. It 'works' if I'm not actually shivering.

Having a solid excuse to get through some of that soup (we had soup-erman's left elbow for lunch yesterday)

Having a legitimate reason to throw things at your significant other. Those things being lumps of snow.

Taking a walk around the block and getting to feel just a tiny bit like Bear Grylls adventuring into the 'wilderness'. 

Imaging David Attenborough narrating aforementioned adventuring "emerging cautiously from her nest, the Moata surveys the snowy tundra before her..."

Excellent excuse for not doing any clothes washing since hanging it out would probably result in frozen undies. That's not the sort of stiffness anyone at our house is interested in.

I get to wear my polka-dot gumboots to work. 


Driving that in normal circumstances would be kinda bad is now downright irresponsible. Like the guy who stopped at a red light yesterday when I was waiting to cross but went through it anyway presumably because "road laws are not in effect on snow days". It's a time to be MORE careful people, not less. Slow down and indicate for all you're worth.

I'm too scared to go online and look at our power usage over the last couple of days. Yowch.

I've no idea when the roads will be okay to bike on. If it's anything like last time the grit they put down to increase grip on the ice will end up in the bike lane and ironically make things more slidey for me.

Everything looks like icecream. Combine this with the lack of bike-related exercise and I predict a certain lack of slimness will result.

I get worried if the Silver Fox goes out in the car. I usually text him to make sure he's arrived safely at his destination and not spun out at an intersection and been hit by an eighteen-wheeler.

I think I may be developing a hotwater bottle "dependency".

So, what's it been like round your way? Any snowy or even wintry pros and cons you'd like to share?

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