Toast and flamethrowers

00:42, Jun 22 2012

Much of this week I have been borderline obsessive about: bread, the Aliens franchise, and photographic images.

The bread part of this triumvirate of persistent wool-gathering is because of scone toast.
Scone toast is a newish bready* product and part of its allure is that it's damn difficult to find. There is never any at our usual supermarket and, making a special trip last night to more far flung aisles, the silver fox returned victorious with the last loaf in the place. Truly, scone toast is the holy grain grail of breakfast foods.

Scone toast is delicious with its crispy golden exterior and its inside all soft and warm like a cuddle from a chubby person.

Mind you, you do have to get past the minor issue of that fact that it's got the wrong name. Scone toast is not toast at all, it's bread. And I am exactly the kind of person who would not buy a product for a petty reason like that. Why couldn't they have just called it Scone toast bread? Why did they have to be so presumptuous about the toasting? Part of me feels like a traitor to the English language for consuming the stuff...but that part is not my stomach, which is very happy with the arrangement, actually.

So that's my first preoccupation. The second is rather less comforting. As far as my current interest in the Alien franchise goes, this would be because ever since I saw Prometheus last weekend, I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. The birth and reproduction analogies, the various parent-child relationships, Michael "hot freak" Fassbender. I have been mentally replaying scenes from various Alien films in my head all week. No wonder I'm not sleeping well.

And so it was that Aliens provided the inspiration for my latest "photo manipulation is not my forte" creation. For some time I've been thinking that I should create a cover image for the Blog Idle Facebook page. But what sort of image? How exactly do you encapsulate what this blog is about? It's not really about anything, specifically. What sort of thing would visually represent the content of this blog?


How about my face superimposed on Ellen Ripley aiming a flame thrower at a meerkat with large fangs and laser eyes?

Here's one I prepared earlier:

I dunno. What do you think? Does this accurately represent Blog Idle to you? I'm thinking about doing something with zombies in it for future versions but am willing to take advice on what sort of shonky photoshop creations you'd like to see emblazon the Facebook page in the future.

The other photographic fun is in the form of a new tool on the DigitalNZ website that lets you pull a bunch of heritagey images from museums, libraries, archives and galleries together into themed collections. I made one last night called What have you come as? And another enterprising person has made an Awkward Portraits set. Laughing at weird photos on the Internet is one thing - laughing at weird photos on the Internet that are actually from New Zealand is even better. I mean seriously, what were these people thinking?

Anyway, questions for today: What is the deal with Scone toast? Suggestions for future visual Blog Idle vignettes welcome. Any awkward or tragi-comic treasures from DigitalNZ that you've stumbled upon?

* Unnecessary fact. I took notes for this post on my iPhone and it wanted to change "bready" to "breast". It's almost as if it knows that carbs go straight to my boobs...

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