What would Lemon do?

23:23, Oct 25 2012

We are all special unique snowflakes, but it's not unusual to find that we mimic or exhibit similarities with other people. I know that the Silver Fox and I frequently make the same very obvious joke in stereo like some kind of weird, sympatico Waldorf and Statler. And of course there's my ever increasing ability to do a freakish impersonation of my mother.

But last weekend I was struck by my similarity to someone who is a bit further removed from me. In this case I seemed to be playing doppelganger to none other than Liz Lemon, erstwhile comedy writer and talent wrangler on 30 Rock. As I was catching up on a few episodes that I'd recorded I noticed something...familiar. So I grabbed one of my twenty cardies and called the Silver Fox into the room to see if it looked like what I thought it looked like, namely this -


Yep. That's me wearing an almost identical outfit to Liz Lemon.

So I got to thinking. Could I be the Irish-Polynesian Liz Lemon? Do we share anything beyond a penchant for cardies and unfortunate facial expressions?

Ways in which I am NOT like Liz Lemon


I have never written for a TV comedy show or been in charge of anything vaguely theatrical. My only dramatic performance was as a narrator in my primary school Christmas pageant. I got to use the microphone that they usually announced the school sports results over.

My boss and I mostly just discuss work-related things, and okay, yes, occasionally weird stuff like turduckens or more recently turbaconduckens. He doesn't drink whisky in the office and is not my ersatz life coach.

I don't have a lady moustache called Tom Selleck (naturally, I refer to mine as Ron Swanson).

I do not actually work with lunatics (though I do live with one*). 

Ways in which I am definitely like Liz Lemon

The role I had in the school Christmas play was given to me as a result of my above average reading skills. If Liz Lemon had gone to Linwood Ave Primary this is precisely the role she would have been given.

A fondness for ham (and for singing in the manner of old Hollywood musicals for no apparent reason)

Dressing as a bride when you're not getting married, just because.

I have no evidence of this but I probably look terrible in HD

Patchy romantic history (no pager salesmen though, fortunately).

Scarry chin (acne).

Terrible posture

A clear understanding of the exact way in which things are terrible. 

So I don't know. There's a lot we have in common but quite a bit that we don't. Maybe I am not Liz Lemon's southern hemisphere counterpart after all. 

Is there anyone on TV who you think you might have been switched at birth with? What do you think of my Lemon impersonation abilities?

* It's okay. He said I could say that...the lunatic!

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