2012: The year in review

As the end of the year rapidly approaches (only one more Blog Idle post for 2012 after this one, guys!) it's tempting to recap on the year gone, to pick out some highlights and reflect on what has happened in the year that has passed.

It's tempting because a) it helps to answer that "where the hell did the time go?" question and b) it's less time-consuming than coming up with a whole fresh blog post when a significant chunk of my brain power today will be taken up with thoughts like "when am I going to find time to bake ninja-bread men?" and "how many wine bottles can I fit into the basket on the front of my bike if I need to do an emergency booze run?" It's Christmas, for pity's sake. You know things are getting bad when you've transitioned from counting shopping days left before Christmas to counting shopping hours.

But never mind that. After all the craziness and turmoil of 2011, 2012 was always going to be an improvement just by virtue of it containing fewer really big, scary earthquakes. But that's not really enough on its own to be considered great, and with the ongoing issues related to the quakes, it's still, by any measure, been a difficult 12 months.

My first post of the year encapsulates this perfectly as I described my last day at work for 2011, which naturally involved a carpet burn from diving under my desk during an aftershock, a very messy kitchen, and loss of electricity. I'm hoping tomorrow is rather less traumatic. 

January also saw me getting snitty with a Dunedin City Councillor, and having a brush with public nudity.

The following month I finally got around to reading Twilight and finally understood why so many Americans are on prescription medication, as the levels of rage I experienced certainly justified some sort of sedative (but fortunately I have always have gin in the house). Later in the year, I toyed with reading 50 Shades of Grey as well but I refuse to pay for it and the reserve list at my library is really long. Maybe next year?

I also got snitty with Paul Holmes, had an ocular mishap, and reflected on the first anniversary of the big earthquake.


It was also in February that an expat Kiwi in Argentina recruited me to help track down other Moatas so that she could use the name for her unborn baby.

In March I stepped graciously aside making room for the Silver Fox's BBQ, or as I like to think of it "my sister-wife". I employed some "unconventional" methods in educating everyone about the new give way rules and in further car-related blogness I had one of my most popular posts ever. And it was about stickers. STICKERS. One hundred and seventy-six comments about the cheesy family decals people stick on rear windows. March seems to have been the month for stickers as my post about my obsessive need to get a free knife from Countdown was almost as popular, garnering 145 comments of its own.

Never let it be said that I don't tackle the important issues.

In March, a cute little baby was born in Argentina and with the help of the resources found by the Blog Idle faithful, he is officially able to bear the name "Moata" (well, as a middle name, anyway).

At Easter I completely failed to do any of the things I meant to (this was a practice run for the Christmas/New Year break during which I will also not get any of my "when I get around to it" jobs done). In April I also called for a halt to hostilities against genitals, and admitted that I have a need to be very far from wherever harmonicas are.

May saw me fighting my nerves and taking part in a debate (an actual real in-person one instead of just slagging things off on the internet). I also explained why you should try and get my name right, and managed to annoy a good number of Delta Goodrem fans.

The wintry weather of June was somewhat offset by the unrestrained joy I felt at having our local petrol station back, and a bout of car-dancing that left us stranded in the carpark at a Flight of the Conchords gig. But I won't be dancing to Love Child, the pop track that I revealed was one of my least favourite songs of all time because it made me feel bad about being illegitimate.

This year saw the winter of my discontented neck and in July I officially became a fancy pillow person and Blog Idle had its first ever "blog swap" when Chris Philpott took the reins for a day. I also tried to imagine the most outrageous thing I could write about that would get the worst kinds of comments and in doing so got some great comments!

I also mourned the passing of Margaret Mahy and wrote about what her writing meant to me.

In August I got all Fair Go/Target on it and pointed out that low carb bread options might actually be higher in carbs than normal bread, I watched a building implode, and admitted, despite being a cat person, that I am also warming to dogs (or at least one of them).

The Silver Fox and I unsuccessfully tried to buy a house. This resulted in some amusing advertising awkwardness.

In September I managed to injure myself playing mini-golf, racking up my second "being driven home from Hanmer in pain" trip for the year and felt sad in the wake of the Christchurch school closures announcement. Speaking of education, I taught everyone the ways and means of responsible phlegm ownership. We also got the new commenting system in September, and yay, a lot of you are still commenting!

Action-packed October had Bill Bailey tweeting me, a blog post that mentioned polydactyl cats resulting in someone "vandalising" the accompanying Wikipedia page with a quote from said post (which made me feel slightly famous for a day), Blog Idle's 5th birthday, and deep concerns that homosexuality might lead to humanity living under the bills of duck overlords. And I learned that it is surprisingly difficult to recycle a lightbulb.

November saw me regretting allowing a dog into my life when it ran away on me and I offered up our country as a Republican refuge after the US election.

And in the last month I've watched people go mental over Russell Brand, missed a flight, and checked in on the overgrown wilderness that is my old flat.

It has actually been quite an eventful year, and as usual I'm grateful that I have the blog to act as a memory for all these weird and wonderful shenanigans. 

2012 certainly has had its ups and downs but I hope I approach them all with good humour (or at least with an amusing kind of grouchiness). I don't know what 2013 will bring but I assume it will be just as random and varied as this year has been. I imagine there will be more people and situations for me to get "snitty" at (is that even a word?)

What's been your highlight this year, either Blog Idle-wise or in life? Do you have any requests of things you'd like me to cover next year?

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