Warning: Cute overload

01:32, Feb 08 2013

It's Friday again, people. Already. I feel like I just had one of those on Tuesday. I know it's unusual to have a day off in the middle of the week - it's been difficult for me to figure out what day it is for most of it - but to tell you the truth, I could get used to this. A couple of days of work followed by a mini-weekend and then another couple of days in the office? I think that would suit me just fine on a regular basis.

Back in the real world of course, it's "second Friday" and in keeping with the generally laidback approach I've been taking to things this week I thought I'd just show you a bunch of cute stuff, so as to ease that transition into the "second" weekend.

First up, is of course Shetland ponies in Scotland wearing cardigans. I know this is actually from a couple of weeks ago and that probably a lot of you have already seen the ponies tasked with making Scotland an appealing travel destination (what, the incomprehensible accents and general unfriendliness weren't enough on their own?* How weird...) but I care not. I want to look at the ponies again and so do you, probably. Showng them to you is my prerogative as a cardigan enthusiast.

If you have any urgent jobs that need doing today, under no circumstances should you pop in to check out this kitten cam.** I know the only thing my work environment was missing was a livestreaming video of kittens...

If you have the time (between kitten hits) this video titled 'The scared is scared' is what happens when someone with a lot of time on their hands asks a 6 year-old what should be in a movie and then makes exactly that. It's 7 minutes and 52 seconds of capital A for adorable and a reminder that kids are mental but sometimes in a good way.

This is may not  technically be "cute", but I do like this Internet typewriter which makes your browser screen a sexy black blank slate with a nice Matrix-green font, to help you write by removing a bunch of distractions. There's nothing but you and the blinking cursor. But that doesn't really work for someone like me who operates on multiple browsers and an indecently greedy number of tabs. Besides which the desire to compose reflections on my day to day life as a child genius teen doctor would be, frankly, overwhelming. I cannot imagine that I would write anything with this tool that didn't start with "Today I learned about self-respect and appendectomies..."


And finally, I have to admit that I have no great love for Corgis, having been savagely barked at by one as a preschooler, but that doesn't stop me thinking that this easy guide for determining your 'Corgi name' is delightful. By the magical combination of star sign, favourite colour and terminal digit of your phone number, your Corgi name will be revealed.

And so it is that I can proudly declare myself to you all as... Mister Waffles McNubbins. Imagine my delight when I found that the Silver Fox is Princess Squiggy McDrummies. From the sounds of things we are both a bit Scottish, hence my fondness for cardigan wearing Shetland ponies. And so the circle completes itself.

So I demand that you all tell my your Corgi names forthwith and without haste, as well as sharing any of your favourite recent Internet cutenss.

Happy Friday!

*Before you argue with me, I have actually been to Scotland. So. Yeah.

**Sometimes they are sleeping, so you might actually get a couple of things done.

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