Southern hospitality

00:24, Feb 14 2013

Next week and the following week, if things go according to plan (and there are a few things going on at the moment that I'll tell you about at a later date that might complicate things) the Silver Fox and I will be road-tripping around the South Island.

This is sure to result in battles for supremacy over the iPhone stereo/playlist, but also access to the Internet will be patchy, with long periods of being out of range, followed by frantic catching up at public libraries, and cafes etc. I also foresee my enthusiasm for our tent waning rather quickly, but what I'm getting at here is that I might not be able to blog with the frequency you're used to. I'd like to be able to promise two posts a week, but in reality it might be just one, or maybe none. But look at it this way, I'll be having all sorts of adventures that should make for entertaining travel tales. I mean, we might end up going to Gore. That's got to be pretty exciting, doesn't it?

And as we all know, I am the sort of person who can turn even a simple game of mini-golf into a drama filled with violence and the need for painkillers.

The Silver Fox and I have taken a number of weekend trips to various places over the last couple of years but this will be the first time we've taken a two week break to explore. My only stipulation when we decided to do it was that we wait until after school holidays were over and that I be allowed some input into the driving music. Given the venn diagram of our shared music tastes this will probably involve an indecent number of Beastie Boys tracks. 

So there's that, and my experience with tent-based accommodation has always been "I can put up with anything for two or three days", so this would be a bit longer than that. I'm generally interested to see if this will push me to the brink of my tolerance. And what happens when I go over the brink into uncharted territory? Who knows what will happen to me if I go more than a day or two without access to a remote control? If you see a headline on this website at some point in the next fortnight that reads "Woman breaks into Southland home, watches New Girl" that could be me, guys. That could be me.

So, I guess what I'm looking for from you guys are road tripping tips you might have for a girl who's not accustomed to camping and wants desperately to keep her sanity if it's at all possible. I've got some free wifi spots sussed, what else do I need to know?

Where are your favourite spots in the South Island, either towns or shops or places of interest? Please take into account that I am very keen when travelling to take hammy posey pictures, like this, or this, and am keen to hear of any cheesy photo opportunities that I might take advantage of. Expect to see the suggestions that work with our somewhat loose itinerary appear here on the blog.

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