Selfies and questionable Xmas gifts

Today the second week of "no going to work" for me draws to an end. In that time I've discovered that napping is not just good but essential, I should not be scared for/of my boobs, and if I keep eating icecream at my current rate of ingestion the baby will be born, as if in some sort of confectionary homage to Anne Geddes, in a giant waffle cone.

All good information to have, I'm sure you'll agree.

But life is full of other interesting nuggets... and I have photos!

First off, I've been making good inroads into getting the Christmas shopping done before Te Squishy arrives. Sometimes when I'm out and and about I see things that make me think of a particular person. Take the following, for instance.

I very nearly bought this yesterday with the intention of inserting a photo of my beloved within the leaves, right next to Jon Stewart, probably. But frankly, I currently have no inclination towards crafting and I don't want to make his anxiety about being compared to Clooney any greater than it already is.

But when it comes to playing to someone's anxieties, the above book's got nothing on the novelty kitchen item I spied last week.

I mean, what kind of dick buys this "Bake your own boyfriend" cookie cutter as a gift?

This kind of ridiculousness is why single people secretly hate smug couples.

I mean, is this how the thought process goes?

"*gasp* My erstwhile gal-pal has been single for forever! And she likes cookies! I'll buy this for her. It will be hilarious!"

Fifteen minutes after receiving this gift the gal-pal in question either slips laxative into your festive appletini, slinks off to the bathroom for a quick cry, or eats all the cashew nuts out of the mixed nuts bowl and goes looking for the scorched almonds. Possibly all of these and in that order.

Why not just go right ahead and buy that infertile couple you know an Instant Infant while you're at it?







In non-shopping-related news, our house has some walls again! This is possibly the most boring photo ever unless you are me. I honestly never thought I'd ever be this excited about gib, but earthquake repairs will do that to a girl.

As an Atheist I'm not inclined towards praying to non-existent gods but if there were proof of a god of repairs and renovations (I'm imagining he'd look a bit like Chris Hemsworth as Thor) I would be genuflecting away like a mad thing and repeating my mantra of "please be finished before the baby arrives, please be finished before the baby arrives, please be finished before the baby arrives" also with a bit of "please don't find any more dodgy wiring or plumbing that also needs to be fixed because we have a university education to pay for at some point".


Speaking of The Squishy who, should they be on schedule will arrive in less than a month (eek!), we got some rather good shots of what the little blighter looks like at our most recent scan last week. 

I know that the word "selfie" has been in the news a lot this week and that both the concept of the selfie and the word itself are not to everyone's liking but I feel I should defend at least the former because otherwise how would we get the startling beauty that is this -

Yes, that's El Squisho in utero showing that the ability to make weird faces IS actually genetic, and on the right is a "selfie" of me replicating what this looks like on an ex utero individual.

The Silver Fox thought this was a spectacularly idiotic thing to do as it was, so it's probably just as well that I didn't try and sub in a licorice whip for that length of umbilical cord in the first in the first picture.

This is why the world needs selfies. Because sometimes your partner thinks your idea for a photo is stupid and you have to take it yourself... or your boyfriend is just a humble cookie.

Do you have a strong opinion on the word "selfie"? Is the boyfriend cookie cutter as terrible gift as I think it is? Is my baby doomed to a life of gurning during photos?

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